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Daily Archives: 4. March 2017 − News & Stories

Here comes the sun!

In the middle of February she shows herself for the first time after the long polarnight. But first on March 8th her rays reach Longyearbyen, which is surrounded by mountains. The return of the sun is celebrated by the inhabitants of Spitsbergen one week with open-air services, exhibitions and concerts. Even the avalanche warning, which is still valid, can not cast a shadow on this event.

Waiting for the sun…

Sun celebration 2016

Many popular Norwegian musicians are coming to Longyearbyen in these days. The Elektropo Duo Bow To Each Other, the Rapper OnklP Og De Fjerne Slektningene (“Uncle P and the remote relatives”) and the most northern blues band of the world, the Advent Bay Poolboys.

The highlight of the week happens on the 8th of March, when everybody shows up in front of the old hospital to welcome the sun together. Children have their necks decorated with a yellow felt sun. When the sun throws its rays onto the stair steps of the building for the first time, she will be traditionally greeted with cheers and singing and her return will be officially declared.

Sources: Svalbardposten, Solfestuke.no


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