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Daily Archives: 9. July 2017 − News & Stories

80 degrees north – 09th July 2017

Who would have thought a week ago that we would make it up to 80 degrees north? Back then, we were still somewhere in the far southeast, facing a long passage around the south cape. And now, we are suddenly on the north coast 🙂

Even on 80 degrees north. Moffen is not far. It is not allowed to make landings there until mid September. Conditions would be perfect today. Flat-calm waters, open drift ice. We celebrated the 80th parallel duly and enjoyed the magic of the ice. We just escaped a wintering on an ice floe 😉

We made good use of the calm conditions on the north coast by making a relatively rare landing at Velkomstpynten, on the north coast of Reinsdyrflya. A nice hike over the tundra took us to Velkomstvarden, just 95 metres high, but that is higher than anything nearby, hence providing an amazing view over Reinsdyrflya, Woodfjord and Liefdefjord.

Gallery – 80 degrees north – 09th July 2017

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After our landing, there was a lot less plastic on the beach east of Velkomstvarden. Enough to fill several large bags. Good thing! So the great polar BBQ that Sascha, Jana & Co had prepared for us on deck was well deserved and greatly enjoyed, while Antigua was making her way south through the drift ice, deeper into Woodfjord.


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