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Daily Archives: 10. July 2017 − News & Stories

Liefdefjord – 10th July 2017

It was one of these magical arctic nights. Unforgettable. Drift ice glittering under the midnight sun, warm colours, rugged mountains everywhere around the fjords.

We woke up in Liefdefjord to be greeted by perfect mirror images on the water and ventured on a long, lovely hike to enjoy grand vistas of the whole area, from Reinsdyrflya to Monacobreen all in one great panorama.

Gallery – Liefdefjord – 10th July 2017

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Later, we had a good look at Monacobreen from a closer distance, before we cruised through the drift ice in Woodfjord again. We went closer to the shore near Gråhuken to see Christiane Ritter’s hut („A woman in the polar night“), where we also fished a huge bit of garbage out of the water. A flotation device from a buoy which broke lose somewhere. Good to get it out of nature.


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