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Daily Archives: 11. July 2017 − News & Stories

Krossfjord – 11th July 2017

It was a long night yesterday, on the way out of Woodfjord with all that ice and stunning evening light. And a long way to Krossfjord. So we could enjoy a relaxed morning today, and I think everybody quite liked that after the intense days that we had had.

Mid-day, we entered Krossfjord and bit later, we went ashore in Signehamna. Lichens and mosses, frost-patterned ground and frost-shattered shale. Remains of an old German war weather station from the mad days of the second world war.

We made a hike to a mountain ridge with a great view to the west coast and a walk along the lake Hajeren. The lake was in a remarkable state of thawing: the winter ice consisted of needle-shaped crystals, but the ice cover had largely disintegrated and fallen apart to release those crystals or to form smaller blocks of such crystals. Which fit perfectly together, so it was impossible to pull them apart, you could only slide them alongside each other, like a three-dimensional puzzle. And the sound that was created with these ice crystals by the wind was even more unique!

Gallery – Krossfjord – 11th July 2017

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Even more than the blue fox that we saw later in the evening on the top of a seabird colony.


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