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Daily Archives: 24. July 2017 − News & Stories

Longyearbyen – mid July 2017

Between the trip with Antigua and the upcoming one with Arctica II, I have got a couple of days to get some writing done. Soon, the Spitsbergen calendar 2018 and my new book about „Arctic christmas stories“ will be ready to print!

Of course, there is still time for a little tour every now and then. You don’t always have to go far to see a lot. To be precise, I don’t even have to leave the sofa (but I still do, occasionally) to see arctic skuas and Barnacle geese on the tundra. The chicks of both are also around. There are at least two leucistic (mostly white) Barnacle geese around, an adult and a chick.

If you are a common eider, then this is a dangerous area to be. The arctic skuas feed on eider duck eggs, and their contents were certainly almost ready for hatching by now, just to be torn to pieces by ferocious birds, who resemble T-rex’s during that process, just a bit smaller. Well, also the arctic skuas and their chicks need to feedn on something, but not being a common eider is a good thing.

A bit further into Adventdalen, there is a red-throated diver with chicks on the nest. I have never before taken a family foto of a red-throated diver! And in this great light!

Gallery – Longyearbyen – mid July 2017

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There are flowers everywhere now in Longyearbyen. The Svalbard buttercup, quite rare in the past, is spreading now in some places in town; it is actually quit abundant now in some locations. And the famous cotton grass is ready again for its role as a popular, postcard-proof photo object.


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