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Dei Sju Isfjella – 31st July 2017

There is nothing you could call wind and weather here at the time being, fjord and sea are calm as a little lake. So we could anchor close to Kapp Mitra in outer Krossfjord, close to the open west coast. The famous polar bear hunter Henry Rudi built a hut here in 1910 which was later also used by scientists. Lots of stories in this lovely landscape, which has almost a mediterranean appearance, with its great beaches and little rocky capes. You might have thought we had taken a wrong turn last night if it had not been for the walrus skull on the beach …

Gallery – Dei Sju Isfjella – 31st July 2017

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The passage further north along the outer coast is often a rough ride. But today, „the seven icebergs“ (Dei Sju Isfjella) is a lovely trip under blue sun and a sea so calm that we take the rare opportunity to visit a bird cliff or two and we even make a landing in one of the few places there the terrain gives us the chance on this otherwise rather hostile coastline.

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