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Daily Archives: 11. September 2017 − News & Stories

Sum­mer hiking rou­te up to Lars­breen des­troy­ed by lands­li­de

The moun­tains and gla­ciers around Lon­gye­ar­by­en have a lot of gre­at hiking oppor­tu­nities. Right now it loo­ks like the­re is one less: the wes­tern part of the morai­ne of Lars­breen, which is part of the popu­lar sum­mer rou­te ascen­ding Lars­breen towards the gla­cier its­elf or the near-by moun­tains (Troll­stei­nen, Sar­ko­fa­gen) has been stron­gly affec­ted by lands­li­des this sum­mer. This is gene­ral­ly a natu­ral pro­cess in a morai­ne area that con­sists of a thing lay­er of sedi­ment res­ting on steep slo­pes of clear gla­cier ice. The area had alrea­dy been affec­ted by minor lands­li­des in recent years.

This summer’s lands­li­des took the area with the hiking rou­te from Lon­gye­arda­len up to Lars­breen. Now, the­re is a steep slo­pe of most­ly expo­sed gla­cier ice cove­r­ed with a thin lay­er of sedi­ment (mud and stones). The “way” below the slo­pe is expo­sed to fur­ther lands­li­des and rock­falls and hence cur­r­ent­ly not a safe alter­na­ti­ve.

It remains to be seen if the win­ter rou­te can still be used. Win­ter and sum­mer rou­tes are slight­ly dif­fe­rent and frost and snow chan­ge the ter­rain signi­fi­cant­ly. Mean­while, Lon­gyear­breen and Vann­led­nings­da­len remain gene­ral­ly avail­ab­le as hiking rou­tes up to Lars­breen, Sar­ko­fa­gen and Troll­stei­nen.

View from Gru­ve­f­jel­let to the morai­ne of Lars­breen. The area recent­ly affec­ted by lands­li­des is rough­ly mar­ked by the red cir­cle (the pho­to was taken befo­re the­se lands­li­des hap­pen­ed).

Larsbreen moraine landslide


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