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Daily Archives: 15. September 2017 − News & Stories

Northwest-Spitsbergen – 15th September 2017

A golden day in a classical area. Here in Smeerenburgfjord, where the whalers were suffering from harsh weather in their thin woolen clothes 400 years ago, we enjoy a brilliant day in calm, clear and even sunny weather. In Virgohamna, we visit the place where Andrée and Wellman started their famous north pole expeditions. Harbour seals are resting on rocks in a shallow bay.

Gallery – Northwest-Spitsbergen – 15th September 2017

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Much larger seals are resting on the beach a bit further north, on Amsterdamøya. A whole group of walrusses is sunbathing there, without any respect for the historical blubber ovns of Smeerenburg.


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