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Daily Archives: 18. September 2017 − News & Stories

Strong wind up to storm force in North Spitsbergen

There have been strong winds up to storm force in northern Spitsbergen yesterday (Monday – 2017/09/18). Two smaller boats seem to have gotten into potentially serious difficulties. Emergency signals have been triggered and search and rescue forces are in the area with helicopters and coast guard ships.

SV Antigua (where the present author is on board) is also in the area, but we did not have more problems than some cases of seasickness during our sailing passage yesterday. So SV Antigua is NOT affected by any serious problems.

Update: after several hours searching in the northwest of Spitsbergen, where SV Antigua also assisted, the boat was found »in good condition«. The SAR mission was officially abandoned by the coast guard. At the moment, no further details regarding the identity of the boat or other are available.

Update: According to Svalbardposten, it was a local sailing boat from Longyearbyen. The emergency beacon was lost and automatically activated during heavy weather. The crew was not aware of that.

Source: Rolf Stange via OnSat-Mail directly from SV Antigua

A lot of wind – 18th September 2017

According to the weather forecast, today should have been our day for a landing on Moffen. Little wind and hopefully calm seas. So we left Mushamna in the morning with high spirits and soon we set sails – this in itself should have made us suspicious, and actually, it did – and course for Moffen. Soon, the wind and sea picked up, and quickly it became clear that Moffen was not a place to be today. So we turned to the west, Raudfjord or so. Meanwhile, the wind had picked up, force 7 to 8, 9 in gusts, and the waves were quite impressive. Real sailing, which many enjoyed on deck, but it has to be said that not everybody enjoyed it.

Photo – A lot of wind – 18th September 2017

The sea was boiling white in Breibogen, no chance for a sheltered anchorage. We found shelter later in the afternoon in Svenskegattet. The wind continued to blow, with heavy gusts, so we enjoyed a relaxed day on board, with presentations and a film and of course the cinema outside, with the impressive display of nature’s powers.


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