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Daily Archives: 3. November 2017 − News & Stories

Kabelvåg-Svolvær-Laukvik – 03rd November 2017

The wind had become even stronger during the night, so we were quite happy to be already in the harbour of Kabelvåg. It is much nicer to go for a little walk and to visit the Lofotmuseum or the Lofotaquarium. Hats off to the group who went for the hike from Kabelvåg to Svolvær in wind, rain, very wet terrain and approaching darkness!

Unfortunately, the harbour master had ordered us to a remote corner of the industrial harbour of Svolvær, for reasons unknown to me. The way to Svolvær downtown, following the E10 over a bridge and through a tunnel, is not exactly what I consider northland romantic. Considering the rather poor weather, many preferred the cosiness of the ship above a walk anyway.

But in the evening, we went to the northern light entre in Laukvik to enjoy the hospitality and the presentation of Rob and Threes in cosy atmosphere (inside; the atmosphere outside was rather unpleasant). Everybody knew everything about coronal holes, solar wind, magnetosphere, activity levels etc. after the lecture, without any doubt!

Gallery – Kabelvåg-Svolvær-Laukvik – 03rd November 2017

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It did actually clear up a little bit later on. The bus ride back to Svolvær was a scenic pleasure, with the light of the full moon on mountains, fjords and lakes. It would have been nice to stop to put the tripod up. But just enjoying it was also nice! No northern light showed up during that evening, unfortunately. Well, we were obviously not up for that bit of luck.


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