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Daily Archives: 29. April 2018 − News & Stories

Two snow mobiles broken into fast ice in Mohnbkta at the east coast

Two snow mobiles broke through the surface of the fast ice in Mohnbukta at the east coast of Spitsbergen. Nobody suffered any injuries. Both belonged to a group of nine snow mobiles with locals from Longyearbyen out on a private tour. According to officals, the group had been careful and exercised good practice. Shortly before the incident, they had measured the ice thickness to be close to 70 cm, a value that usually indicates safe conditions.

As the individual drivers had kept sufficiently large distance between their vehicles, following ones could avoid driving into the danger zone. The drivers of the snow mobiles that had broken through the surface managed to get off and onto safe ice. The group could retrieve both snow mobiles with ropes, avoiding loss of equpment and fuel in the environment. Immediately after the incident, they informed the Sysselmannen in case anyone had seen them and raised alarm.

Snow mobile tour Mohnbukta, east coast of Spitsbergen

On tour on the ice in Mohnbukta on the east coast of Spitsbergen: beautiful, but never entirely risk-free.

The incident, which happened yesterday (Saturday), shows that fjord ice is never an entirely risk-free environment for travelling. Even with careful behaviour, risk cannot be fully excluded. Care and quick availibiity of safety equipment (ropes and “ispigger”, kind of nails with handles or something similar that helps you in the worst case to get out from the water and back onto ice) can safe lives.

Source: Svalbardposten


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