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Daily Archives: 18. May 2018 − News & Stories

Arctic under sail 2018: starting with SV Antigua in Bodø

Bodø! This is where the arctic circle is closing. Not the arctic circle that marks the southernmost appearance of the midnight sun, that is at 66°33’N, about 44 miles south of Bodø. But the circle of the arctic sailing adventures of the summer. The first sailing trip of the arctic starts here in Bodø now in late May and the last one will end here in early November, closing a very large circle of thousands of miles sailing arctic waters, many kilometers in Zodiacs in the fjords, hiking on the tundra, on mountains, lots of adventures, wind and weather, encountering wildlife of all sorts, meeting people … and there will be lots of great photos and many entries here in the arctic blog 2018.

SV Antigua, Bodø

SV Antigua ready to set sail in Bodø.

We will be complete in a few hours, with about 30 travellers from the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, and then we will sail across Vestfjord to spend the next days in Lofoten. Later, we will sail northwards to Tromsø and then the Spitsbergen adventure will start. If you want to join us digitally, then just come back and visit this blog!

SV Antigua, Bodø

About to start in a few hours! 🙂


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