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Daily Archives: 26. May 2018 − News & Stories


The pas­sa­ge from Bear Island to Horn­sund was fast and good. The timing could not have been bet­ter: short­ly befo­re we ente­red Horn­sund, the wind tur­ned to the north and picked up to gale force. This would not have been gre­at at all at open sea, but as it was, it did not mat­ter much and some hours later we were firm­ly ancho­red in a shel­te­red bay deep­ly insi­de Horn­sund. Not­hing was to be seen of the land­scape as ever­y­thing was hid­den behind den­se snow show­ers. We have obvious­ly arri­ved in the high arc­tic!


The gla­cier Horn­breen, South-Spits­ber­gen

Today, howe­ver, it cle­ared up and we even got some blue sky and bright suns­hi­ne. Love­ly! It was good to get some solid ground under our boots again, so we hik­ed across an island and enjoy­ed gre­at views of the sce­n­ery. Later we went out for a stun­ning zodiac crui­se bet­ween many small ice­bergs which were shi­ning in the sun, and final­ly to a migh­ty gla­cier front in Bre­pol­len in inner­most Horn­sund. Our first day in Spits­ber­gen, and Horn­sund has shown us some of his best sides!


Anti­gua well shel­te­red in the bay of Bre­pol­len, Horn­sund


Belu­ga wha­les swim­ming through Hornsund/ Ves­t­re Bur­ger­buk­ta


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