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Daily Archives: 30. May 2018 − News & Stories


We could spend the whole day in Kongsfjord. This postcard-level-beautiful fjord consists, next to mountains, of many large glacier, and we had a very good and close look at several ones of them, both from a landbased perspective and from the sea. This already describes most of today’s activities sufficiently.


At Blomstrandbreen.

Humpback whale, Kongsfjord

Humpback whale in Kongsfjord.

We were at the right time at the right place to meet a Humpback whale who waved us a friendly farewell with his mighty fluke. And to round the day off, we went for some inside insights of Blomstrandhalvøya.

Iceberg, Kongsfjord

Iceberg in Kongsfjord.

Coastal cave, Blomstrandhalvøya

Coastal cave, Blomstrandhalvøya.

Another beautiful day in the Arctic!

Forlandsund, Ny-Ålesund

The wind that had bothered us yesterday evening served us well later during the night and carried us far north, so we woke up with walrusses just around the corner and of course we made good use of the opportunity ☺


Walrusses in Forlandsund.

Ny-Ålesund is of course a classic on most Spitsbergen voyages, but on this particular trip, it is a rather unexpected geographical highlight in the truest sense of the world. Who would have thought just a few days ago that we would make it this far north? But here we were, and we could even enjoy brilliant sunshine – a rare thing on the west coast of Spitsbergen – and then, finally, a calm night in the harbour. Something we had well deserved, as we all agreed!


The airship mast at Ny-Ålesund.


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