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Daily Archives: 3. August 2018 − News & Stories

From Kross­fjor­den up to Mag­da­le­nefjord – 03 August 2018

Now it was time for a good hike, so we took off for a cou­ple of hours in Kross­fjor­den, having at look at the remains of a Ger­man wea­ther sta­ti­on from the dark years of the Second World War and then hiking up to some hills and rid­ges which pro­vi­ded some gre­at views over the wide coas­tal plain that stret­ches from here to the west coast, cal­led Die­sets­let­ta.



And who would have thought that we were able to explo­re this coas­tal plain from the other side just a few hours later? The coast of Die­sets­let­ta is very expo­sed and it is defi­ni­te­ly not on the list of com­mon­ly used landing sites, but today it was so calm that we just had to use the oppor­tu­ni­ty! A beau­tiful rocky coast with some small, hid­den bea­ches, a wide-open tun­dra land with lakes and rivers and moun­ta­ins with inte­res­t­ing colours and struc­tures fur­ther inland.



After a cou­ple of calm hours the anchor went to the bot­tom in beau­tiful sur­roun­dings in Mag­da­le­nefjord, whe­re Pål took care of today’s catch of fish.



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