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Rijp­da­len – 10 August 2018

It is so good to spend a calm night at anchor in a hid­den bay at the end of the world, deep in Rijpfjord on the north side of Nord­aus­t­land! Good pro­spects for tomor­row, as some of us were plan­ning a pret­ty serious hike in Rijp­da­len.



As tomor­row had beco­me today, the clouds whe­re, howe­ver, han­ging rather low, unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly. Hiking for hours on end in fog in unknown ter­rain and polar bear coun­try was clear­ly not an opti­on, so we went on a good and still pret­ty solid hike of 5 hours in lower Rijp­da­len. What a beau­ti­ful coun­try at the end of the world! Very wide-open, sur­pri­sin­gly rich tun­dra, a wild river … the huge ice caps were loo­m­ing behind the clouds, but visi­ble here and the­re, Aus­t­fon­na in the east and Ves­t­fon­na in the west.



We found some­thing that may have been a gra­ve of unknown ori­gin and the site whe­re Hen­ry Rudi, who later beca­me famous as the „polar bear king“, win­te­red in the 1930s. They remo­ved the hut the fol­lowing year and took the mate­ri­als down to Halvmå­neøya, so not­hing is left of it on site.

The days are fly­ing by and we have to move west again, so now we are stea­ming towards Hin­lo­pen Strait, not without say­ing hel­lo again to yesterday’s Blue wha­les.

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