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Daily Archives: 11. September 2018 − News & Stories

Isfjord – 11 September 2018

It was high time to take off again, to get water under the keel and wind around the masts! We got a good bit of both as we went on board SV Antigua today. There was a fair breeze blowing out of Adventdalen, the sun was shining from a blue sky. Late afternoon, we left the small pier in Longyearbyen, and up went the sails!


Up went the sails! This time towards the west and north coast of Spitsbergen.


From Adventdalen into the Isfjord.

It was a beautiful bit of real sailing out of Adventfjord and through most of Isfjord. Many people on board have been on Spitsbergen a number of times before, so it should really be a very interesting trip!


Great guests and atmosphere on board!

The first evening made clear what September in Spitsbergen is all about: warm light from the low sun, stunning scenery and even a Blue whale which waved with its fluke.

Blue whale, Isfjord

A Blue whale, the biggest animal on earth…

We passed the wide plateau of Fuglefjella, Grumantbyen, Colesbukta. Mountains and glaciers on the other side in the north, Alkefjellet under the bright sun ahead of us. Amazing beauty wherever you looked!





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