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Daily Archives: 29. October 2018 − News & Stories

Skjervøy – Orcas and northern lights!

Based on some information of recent sightings and a bit of optimism, we had set course northeast towards the waters around Skjerøya, at 70 degrees north. Usually we don’t get far on this trip! But considering the Orca sightings that had been made by others there in recent days, we wanted to give it a try.

We were not disappointed!

Orcas, Skjervøy

Orcas near Skjervøy.

Of course we used the opportunity to visit Skjervøy, an small island with a settlement and harbour that all bear the same name. This is where Fridtjof Nansen’s Fram finally returned to civilisation after her famous 3 year drift across the Arctic Ocean (1893-1896). Nansen himself, accompanied by Hjalmar Johansen, had famously left the ship in 1895 to reach the north pole (which did not work), so they were not on board when the Fram reached Skjervøy. A great bit of polar history, and this place was part of it. This alone was actually a good reason to visit.


Skjervøy: island, harbour, settlement.

As it turned out, there are some good hiking opportunities on Skjervøya. Currently limited as the sun is going down just before 3 p.m., but it was enough for a short walk to get some fine views of the place.

And as if this hadn’t been enough for a good day, we even got some first northern lights later the same evening! Not very strong and the photo conditions were not ideal on the moving ship, but still … northern light is northern light 🙂

Northern light near Skjervøy

Northern light near Skjervøy.

Tromsø – 28 October 2018

The day we had been waiting for! Today everybody is coming on board and we will set sail with Antigua, travelling from Tromsø to Bodø. The last sailing voyage of the arctic season 2018. W are hoping for great light, everything that the sun may send us, both directly during the day and more indirectly during the dark hours … maybe Orcas, Sea eagles, certainly a lot of great scenery, lovely little villages and other interesting places, sailing …

Roald Amundsen, Rolf Stange, Tromsø

Roald and Rolf in Tromsø.

But first, everybody has time to explore Tromsø; many arrived just yesterday and there is plenty to do here, especially as the weather is fine again today.

The early winter often brings a mixture of snow and rain, freezing and thawing. The result: ice on the streets. A bad luck moment on a street in Tromsø brings a broken arm and thus a very premature end of the voyage before it has even really begun for two unlucky persons (including a non-injured companion). We wish you all the best, quick and complete recovery!

In late hours, Captain Mario pushes the Antigua against a pretty strong current out of the harbour and through under the bridge. We are starting our trip to Bodø … setting course northwards!

SV Antigua, Tromsø

SV Antigua ready to set sail in Tromsø.


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