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Daily Archives: 3. November 2018 − News & Stories

Nusfjord: farewell to Lofoten

It was an early start again in Skrova as we had several hours of sailing time ahead of us to Nusfjord, our next and last destination in Lofoten. It turned out to be a lovely passage with a beautiful sunset and stunning views of “Lofotveggen”, as the wall-like impression is known that the very mountaineous Lofoten islands make on any visitor approaching from Vestfjord. A sea eagle was hovering above the ship, and the sea was much more moderate than we had expected … a great way to start a day!

Sunrise Vestfjord

Sunrise over Vestfjord.

Lofotveggen: view of Lofoten

Lofotveggen: the view of the Lofoten islands from Vestfjord.

Then we went alongside in the tiny port of Nusfjord. This is one of these lovely little, old fishing villages in Lofoten. The Rorbuer, small wooden houses on the shoreline, used to provide simple accommodation for visiting fishermen, now they are upmarket and not exactly cheap holiday homes for tourists. The times, they are a’changing.



It is a wonderful place on a wonderful day, the sun is casting warm light on the colourful houses, mixed with the occasional rainshower for some variation and refreshment. There is a little feeling of melancholy about this visit, at least for me; it is the last stop of this journey in Lofoten and the last place we visit with Antigua this season. So, let’s enjoy the beautiful views thoroughly …

SV Antigua in Nusfjord

SV Antigua in Nusfjord.

Then it is time to set course across Vestfjord. The earlier we arrive in Bodø, the better. It will be stormy tonight. But as it is, we have a pretty smooth crossing of Vestfjord, which is a stretch of open sea rather than a fjord.

Prison sentence for disturbing polar bears in Billefjord by driving car on ice

A Norwegian court has delivered a judgement in the case of a man who disturbed polar bears in Billefjorden earlier this year by driving on the fjord ice by car.

The 58 year old Ukrainian citizen was living and working in Pyramiden. He went out on the fjord ice by car to pick up two colleagues who had been on tour. Instead of going directly back to Pyramiden, they decided to take a turn into neighbouring Petuniabukta to check the condition of a hut. According to the driver, he was not aware of the presence of two polar bears who were mating at the time in question. He saw the bears at a distance of 50 metres and stopped immediately. The polar bears abandoned their mating.

Polar bears on fjord ice

Polar bear family on fjord ice in Isfjord.

The Ukrainian driver did not have a driver’s license, this had been withdrawn by Norwegian authorities earlier this year because of other traffic offences. According to the Sysselmannen, this contributed to the current court judgement, together with the fact that it is generally not allowed to drive a car on fjord ice (or anywhere else other than on roads) in Spitsbergen. Disturbing of the polar bears alone would not have been sufficient for a prison sentence.

The man was sentenced to 30 days of prison without probation.

And now: Lofoten! Trollfjorden & Skrova

We arrive in Trollfjorden thanks to an early start in Svolvær. Trollfjorden is one of the most scenic places in Lofoten. Mother nature must have had a great time when she made this part of the planet during the ice age.


Entering Trollfjord.

Having a great time – that’s also what we did there and then. It could not have been better, completely calm, dry, clear visibility up to the highest peaks. We did not hesitate to put the Zodiacs on the water and cruise Trollfjorden, enjoying the landscape while being in the middle of it.


SV Antigua in Trollfjord.

It got even better when the sails went up on Antigua and the crew went all up on the job beam for a crew photo. Priceless!


The crew of SV Antigua in Trollfjord. Thank you all for a great season up north!

Captain Mario used the good conditions to fulfill a dream and go wakeboarding in these northern waters, to the great pleasure of everybody around 🙂

Mario, Wakeboarding Raftsund

Captain Mario wakeboarding in Raftsund.

Later, we even made it to Skrova in good daylight and did not waste any time. The mountains, hills and beaches were calling, and we made good use of the remaining daylight time before the sun went down and the rain came. That did not bother us anymore, we had had a great day out there and continued and good spirits inside.


Ascending Skrovafjellet.


View over Skrova and surrounding islands.


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