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Daily Archives: 26. June 2019 − News & Stories

Forlandsund – 26th June 2019

The last two weeks in Longyearbyen went by very quickly … and now we are already off again, with 2 ½ weeks of sailing in Spitsbergen with SV Antigua ahead of us.

The north coast is still in dense ice, so we will probably spend some time in the south and southeast. But to start with, we go at least a little bit northwards. Recent sightings have confirmed good chances to see walruses in Forlandsund, and the weather forecast seems perfect: a calm day for excursions and then a fair northerly breeze to fill the sails on the way south.

So here we go. On the first morning of the trip, we wake up at anchor near a little peninsula in Forlandsund. There is a group of walrus hauled out on shore, maybe 40-50 animals. And … two polar bears! A mother and her second year cub are making their way towards the walruses.

It was to be a stunning morning. With the Zodiacs we managed to get into a good position to be a fly on the wall. The bears tried to make the walrus panic, but without much success. Finally they moved away again a bit, walked up and down the beach and finally laid down for a rest. A beautiful series of events and behaviours, which we are blessed to have witnessed!

Gallery – Forlandsund – 26th June 2019

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Later we go for a little tundra walk at Murraypynten on Prins Karls Forland to earth ourselvs again (quite literally, the tundra is still quite wet and a bit boggy …)

Once all are back on board, we prepare the sails. The engine can take a break, the wind is doing the work for us now. Let’s go south!


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