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Daily Archives: 2. July 2019 − News & Stories

St. Jonsfjord – 02nd July 2019

The main point in out planning is still to avoid the areas of strong winds that are currently raging in several parts of Spitsbergen. The low pressures are passing through one by one, without a break.

But we are doing pretty well so far. Today, this brings us to St. Jonsfjord, which turns out to be the place to be for today. The first hike yields beautiful views on mountains, glaciers and the fjord, with plenty of beautiful flowers.

Gallery – St. Jonsfjord – 02nd July 2019

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Later, we pass a large, quite active glacier and many small icebergs. Coincidence takes us then to a place where a retreating glacier has created a fascinating lagoon landscape. A strong tidal current rushes through the curved channel that connects the lagoon and the fjord. 288 metres altitude provide a stunning panorama over the whole fjord area.


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