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Daily Archives: 4. August 2019 − News & Stories

Longyearbyen-Bohemanneset – 04 August 2019

And again: welcome on board, we’ll hoist the sails again and set course for Spitsbergen! This time, on the smaller, beautiful yacht Arctica II, a real expedition boat, strong and sturdy. As soon as we have got everything done, we cast off and steer out into Isfjord. It is a wonderful start, with sunshine, no wind.

Considering the great conditions today, we make use of the opportunity to make a landing as soon as we can. I am pleased to get back to Bohemanneset. A beautiful place, but it is very exposed, so sometimes years go between visits. This time, we have been here just a good 3 weeks ago with Antigua. It is nice to start where we finished recently. In contrast to last time, it is really nice and calm now, so the landing operation is a piece of cake and we can just enjoy the beauty of the place. It was not far from here, at Rijpsburg, that Søren Zachariassen began an operation that is now usually considered the beginning of commercial coal mining in Spitsbergen. But it was not successful.

Gallery – Longyearbyen-Bohemanneset – 04 August 2019

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Anyway, for us today, Bohemanneset is „just“ a beautiful and silent place. A great beginning of this new trip!

Later the same evening, we cruise for another 2 hours until we drop anchor in Trygghamna for a calm night, to get some good rest.


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