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Daily Archives: 24. August 2019 − News & Stories

Aku­rey­ri – 24th August 2019

Time is fly­ing – I just said good­bye to SY Arc­ti­ca II and her good peop­le in Lon­gye­ar­by­en, and now I am alrea­dy in Aku­rey­ri, north Ice­land, on board the sai­ling ship Anne-Mar­ga­re­tha (ger­man only). That is the beau­ti­ful ship that car­ri­ed us safe­ly through the wild waters of Ant­arc­ti­ca and Pata­go­nia in ear­ly 2018.

Akureyri - 24th August 2019

Gre­at times … and now we are about to set off for Green­land! In a cou­p­le of hours, our small lot will have assem­bled on board, and tomor­row we will set sail. Bet­ter then today, we rather let this litt­le wind in Den­mark Strait pass through first … who needs a for­ce 8 on the nose? 🙂


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