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Akureyri – 24th August 2019

Time is flying – I just said goodbye to SY Arctica II and her good people in Longyearbyen, and now I am already in Akureyri, north Iceland, on board the sailing ship Anne-Margaretha (german only). That is the beautiful ship that carried us safely through the wild waters of Antarctica and Patagonia in early 2018.

Akureyri - 24th August 2019

Great times … and now we are about to set off for Greenland! In a couple of hours, our small lot will have assembled on board, and tomorrow we will set sail. Better then today, we rather let this little wind in Denmark Strait pass through first … who needs a force 8 on the nose? 🙂

last modification: 2019-08-27 · copyright: Rolf Stange