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Denmark Strait – 28th August 2019

According to the forecast, this should be a good day to start the crossing towards Greenland. So we had an early breakfast and started moving around 8 a.m. Soon, the little island of Grimsey disappeared in the low clouds behind us.

Gallery – Denmark Strait – 28th August 2019

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We kept the course as high on the wind as possible, towards the Blosseville Kyst, south of Scoresbysund, mostly making good speed of 7-8 knots. There was a northerly breeze, 4-5 Beaufort, occasionally maybe 6. Nothing really wild, but nevertheless, enough to make life difficult for those on board who were not used to it, so some retreated to the relative peace and silence of their bunks. The others went on their shifts, kept the ship on course and their nose in the fresh air, which always helps to make time go past quickly. So went the hours, one horizon followed upon the other one and Greenland would soon rise up behind one of them!

last modification: 2019-08-30 · copyright: Rolf Stange