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Skjervøy, Nord-Lenangen

We departed late night from Finnkroken and set course to the northeast, to Skjervøy, with high hopes to find orca that had been seen there recently. But the weather had different ideas. It did not make much sense to try to find whales in force 6-7 winds, so we just turned and set sail, which was lovely in the snow …

Gallery – Tromsø – Finnkroken

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… and a couple of hourse later we were in Nord-Lenangen, a calm little place in a silent fjord – lovely winter scenery and atmosphere!

Later, back on board, we got into the northern light mode and made preparations for further sightings by having a look at the photography side of it (if you are interested, then have a look at Rolf’s northern light page for a refresher). Then we set course to the south, passing Tromsø, and then heading for Senja.

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