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Daily Archives: 25. January 2020 − News & Stories

Mone­ta­ry fine for dis­tur­ban­ce of bird colo­ny at Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let

A tour ope­ra­tor has got a fine of 30,000.00 NOK (3,000 Euro) by the Sys­sel­man­nen for dis­tur­ban­ce of bree­ding birds at Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let in Kongsfjord. The ship run by the tour ope­ra­tor had drop­ped the anchor clo­se to the cliff with the colo­ny. The noi­se of the anchor chain cau­sed dis­tur­ban­ce of the birds, main­ly Brünnich’s guil­lemots and kit­ty­wa­kes.

Ossian Sarsfjellet

Brunich’s guil­lemots and kit­ty­wa­kes (upper left, with chicks) at Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let.

Dis­tur­ban­ce of bree­ding birds can have serious con­se­quen­ces, for examp­le when eggs or flight­less chicks fall out of nests on nar­row led­ges or when pre­d­a­to­ry birds such as glau­cous gulls raid unguar­ded nests.


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