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Spitsbergen, the Antarctic and the Corona virus

The winter season should be super busy at this time in Spitsbergen, but instead it is very silent now in Longyearbyen and Barentsburg. No tourists there at all. The only thing that you might hear is the tourism industry crying.

And on this blog and news site: also nothing at the time being.

The Antarctic is the only corona-free continent, but that does not mean that it does not affect us here in the south. We have now been to the Antarctic for a while and I am still far south with Ortelius. So I guess that I am currently the last one in the world who gets any news that seem to be changing by the minute and hence it would probably be silly to post any „news“ here.

Atlantic Ocean

But I did and do still write about our journey here in the south, in the blog on www.antarctic.eu. Also here, the Corona virus currently governs the world. No, not directly. We on Ortelius are all well, health-wise. But it sends us on a strange journey. Not as planned back to the Antarctic Peninsula, but up north and back home. Slowly and with quite a few extra twists and bends that we still need to find out about. Read more in my antarctic blog.

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