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Tra­vel restric­tions for tou­rists from Ger­ma­ny and Liech­ten­stein likely to come

The Nor­we­gi­an Insti­tu­te of Public Health (Fol­ke­hels­e­insti­tutt, FHI) has recom­men­ded to intro­du­ce com­pul­so­ry qua­ran­ti­ne for tou­rists com­ing from Ger­ma­ny and Liech­ten­stein, based on rising coro­na infec­tion figu­res from the­se coun­tries.

Corona: travel restrictions Norway

“Valid in all of Euro­pe” – Coro­na virus warning.
(Pho­to com­po­si­ti­on. This is in rea­li­ty of cour­se the famous polar bear warning sign).

The Nor­we­gi­an government has to make a decisi­on whe­ther or not such restric­tions will be intro­du­ced. Gene­ral­ly, the government will most likely fol­low the FHI’s recom­men­da­ti­ons. The Nor­we­gi­an thres­hold for the intro­duc­tion of restric­tions is an infec­tion rate of 20 per 100,000 inha­bi­tants wit­hin 14 days (two weeks and not one, as was erro­ne­ous­ly writ­ten here in an ear­lier ver­si­on of this arti­cle). Accord­ing to the Robert Koch-Insti­tu­te, a federal agen­cy respon­si­ble for dise­a­se con­trol and pre­ven­ti­on in Ger­ma­ny, the figu­re amounts to 10.2 aver­aged for Ger­ma­ny as of Tues­day, 25 August for the last 7 days, and hig­her figu­res occur in cer­tain are­as. So far, the Nor­we­gi­an government has made regio­nal decisi­ons only for Scan­di­na­vi­an coun­tries.

If the Nor­we­gi­an government deci­des to intro­du­ce tra­vel restric­tions for Ger­may and Liech­ten­stein, then they are expec­ted to come into for­ce on Satur­day at 00:00. The FHI has alrea­dy sent text messages to Nor­we­gi­an mobi­le pho­ne num­bers in Ger­ma­ny with a warning that com­pul­so­ry qua­ran­ti­ne may app­ly for tra­vel­lers ent­e­ring Nor­way later than Fri­day.

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