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Daily Archives: 12. November 2021 − News & Stories

Troll­fjord & Kabel­våg

Troll­fjord is wide­ly famous for its stun­ning sce­ne­ry and sea eagles (they live any­whe­re in the wide regi­on up here, but Troll­fjord is defi­ni­te­ly a good place to see them). We were the­re in the right time to see the won­der­ful land­s­cape in its full beau­ty.

The same app­lies to the sea eagles. We got to see an ama­zing num­ber of them. That was, to some degree, coin­ci­dence, but not an ent­i­re­ly natu­ral one: while we were play­ing in Troll­fjord, a smal­ler motor boat came in with tou­rists, pro­bab­ly from Svol­vær, and star­ted put­ting out pie­ces of fish. The sea eagles clear­ly knew the ritu­al, as they came down even befo­re that boat had actual­ly stop­ped! Dir­ty trick, pos­si­b­ly, but it works qui­te obvious­ly well.

A few hours later we went along­side in Kabel­våg, the his­to­ri­cal cent­re of the Lofo­ten islands. We went to have a good look around in wea­ther that was get­ting incre­a­singly less enjoya­ble. The fore­cast pro­mi­ses rather unplea­sant con­di­ti­ons for the days to come.

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Skrol­s­vik & Har­stad

The litt­le har­bour of Skrol­s­vik on the sou­the­as­tern point of the lovely island of Sen­ja lies some­what deser­ted bet­ween the sea, some small islands and moun­tains with gre­at hiking rou­tes.

In cer­tain ear­lier times, the stra­te­gi­cal posi­ti­on attrac­ted „visi­tors“ with pro­noun­ced­ly less peace­ful inten­ti­ons. During the occup­a­ti­on in the war years from 1940, the Ger­man Wehr­macht built a coas­tal for­ti­fi­ca­ti­on here to con­trol the nort­hern ship­ping rou­te to the important port of Nar­vik. It is, again and again, incredi­ble how much effort peop­le put into things that are just made to des­troy other things. The guns, later kept by the Nor­we­gi­an mili­ta­ry for many years, are now slow­ly rus­ting away, and the bun­kers are more and more wea­the­ring and cove­r­ed by vege­ta­ti­on.

Later we made a stop in Har­stad, a cent­re of civi­li­sa­ti­on on Hin­nøya in Ves­terå­len.

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