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The arc­tic tra­vel blog con­tin­ued: with SV Mean­der in Alta­fjor­den

Full speed ahead ūüôā with SV Mean¬≠der in Alta in north Nor¬≠way, bet¬≠ween Trom¬≠s√ł and Nord¬≠kapp. Mean¬≠der isn‚Äôt a new ship ‚Äď she was ori¬≠gi¬≠nal¬≠ly built in 1946 and has been rebuilt seve¬≠ral times sin¬≠ce ‚Äď but she is new up here for us, so I am more than just a litt¬≠le bit exci¬≠ted, and so is the group of 11 arc¬≠tic tra¬≠vel¬≠lers and the crew: captain/owner Mario, mate (and also cap¬≠tain) Hei¬≠ne, deck¬≠hand Bas¬≠ti¬≠an and chef Eek.

We went on board in Alta. A town that was com­ple­te­ly des­troy­ed in the second world war, so all the archi­tec­tu­re is quite modern.


Start­ing in Alta. Here is the nor­t­hern light cathe­dral in the city cent­re.

We left the pier on Mon¬≠day late after¬≠noon and sai¬≠led out into the fjord. Our main desti¬≠na¬≠ti¬≠ons are Bear Island (Bj√łrn√łya) and Spits¬≠ber¬≠gen, but we will first spend some days in regio¬≠nal coas¬≠tal waters. A very clear and easy decis¬≠i¬≠on, con¬≠side¬≠ring the wea¬≠ther fore¬≠cast.

SV Meander in Alta

SV Mean­der in Alta.

So our first place is √Ör√ły, a litt¬≠le island in Alta¬≠fjord. A silent place today with only 18 inha¬≠bi¬≠tants, but √Ör√ły has a histo¬≠ry of many hundred years. And it is a sceni¬≠cal¬≠ly beau¬≠tiul place. And it has some very quick wea¬≠ther chan¬≠ges!

SV Meander at √Ör√ły

SV Mean¬≠der ancho¬≠red off √Ör√ły in Alta¬≠fjord.

Yes, the wea­ther chan­ges were real­ly ama­zing. We spent the mor­ning hiking over the island and we went from silent snow fall to bliz­zard to bright suns­hi­ne and back again! Have a look at the pho­tos for some impres­si­ons:

Pho¬≠to gal¬≠lery Alta ‚Äď √Ör√ły

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.



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