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Daily Archives: 6. January 2023 − News & Stories

Arjen Drost, 1976-2023

Many knew Arjen Drost from count­less trips in the Arc­tic and Ant­ar­c­tic over many years. Just a few weeks ago, he was in Ant­ar­c­ti­ca, enjoy­ing the wild­life and ever­y­thing else he loved so much.

On Wed­nes­day (Janu­ary 04, 2023), he final­ly lost a fight that he had been fight­ing for years.

Arjen Drost (1976-2023), with emperor penguin, Ross Sea

Arjen Drost, as he lived and loved his life, in the Ross Sea (2017).

High­ly respec­ted as a col­le­ague.

High­ly estee­med as a fri­end.

Much loved by many as the human being that he was.

Now Arjen is dancing with the nor­t­hern lights.

Arjen Drost (1976-2023), Vernadsky

Arjen Drost, the “lar­ger than life man”, in the Ant­ar­c­tic Pen­in­su­la.
Good times long gone by (Ver­nad­sky Base, 2005).


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