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Daily Archives: 15. March 2023 − News & Stories

Fatal snow mobi­le acci­dent

One per­son died in a fatal snow mobi­le acci­dent today (Wed­nes­day, 15 March), accor­ding to the Sys­sel­mes­ter. The acci­dent hap­pen­ed on a fre­quent­ly used snow mobi­le rou­te bet­ween Kapp Lai­la (Coles­buk­ta) and Barents­burg, about two kilo­me­t­res west of Kapp Lai­la.

Kapp Laila-Barentsburg snow mobile route

The snow mobi­le rou­te bet­ween Kapp Lai­la and Barents­burg.

The exact posi­ti­on of the acci­dent is not yet publi­cal­ly known, but the appro­xi­ma­te posi­ti­on sug­gests that the acci­dent hap­pen­ed in the vici­ni­ty of a stee­p­ly incis­ed val­ley. The rou­te leads around the val­ley, but this can be chal­len­ging if, for exam­p­le, the sur­face is icy. The man, a US citi­zen, was part of a gui­ded tour.

The­re is curr­ent­ly no more infor­ma­ti­on available.


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