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Svalbard reindeer

Svalbard reindeer (bull). Blomstrandhalvøya, mid September. Description: The Svalbard reindeer (or Spitsbergen reindeer) is the only reindeer species in Svalbard. It is a unique, relatively small subspecies. Both sexes have antlers, but those of the males are bigger. Male reindeer … Continue reading

Spitsbergen-reindeer: new and complete population count

The Spitsbergen-reindeer, also known as Svalbard-reindeer, has seen a lot of ups and downs since it came to Spitsbergen from the Russian Arctic thousands of years ago. It became a sub-species on its own which is not found anywhere outside … Continue reading

Svalbard reindeer is doing well

The Norwegian Polar Institute counted 1374 Svalbard reindeer in the Adventdalen around Longyearbyen this year. Many calves were observed and only a few dead reindeer found. This is a trend that has been observed for years: The reindeer population has … Continue reading

Why Santa Claus’ reindeer come from Spitsbergen. And why this can’t be true.

Christmas is a time of love, family and healthy food. Presents, trees and… mystery. Or do you know how Santa Claus manages to visit far more than a billion children around the globe? Even if you take those out who … Continue reading

Reindeer can see within the spectrum of UV-radiation

News from the world of the reindeer, who are currently facing hard times in the Arctic with the prevailing polar night. The toughest times will, however, come in spring, when the light returns. By then, fat reserves are mostly used … Continue reading

No Christmas gifts? Maybe it’s the reindeer…

If Santa Claus does not bring gifts on Saturday, that could also be due to his reindeer. Whether they can pull the sledge heavily packed with gifts is questionable. Because the reindeer on Spitzbergen are getting thinner! The subspecies – … Continue reading

Vinkelstasjon, neighbour reindeer and Science Slam

Time is flying, there is always something to do. Mostly stuff that isn’t worth mentioning, but it is really filling the days. Everyday life. Projects. Work. Yes, and life. Friends. Being outside. Being outside is obviously one main reason for … Continue reading

Reindeer survey on Spitsbergen: local population kept growing

The Norwegian Polar Institute finished its annual survey of the local reindeer population in Adventdalen and the results turned out to be quite surprising for the scientists: Again the number of animals increased to a new all-time high. In June … Continue reading

Reindeer population reached highest level

The number of reindeers in Adventdalen reached the highest level this year since the survey began in 1979. Reseachers of the Norwegian Polar Institute counted about 1200 animals including 300 calves. Thereby the number of reindeers increased about 250 exemplars … Continue reading

Natural fluctuations of reindeer: 2008 not a good year in Spitsbergen

It was quite obvious in the field due to many dead reindeer, but now it is “official”, because founded on scientific data: 2008 was not a good year of the Spitsbergen reindeer. During freezing following on a warm spell early … Continue reading

Reindeer population has doubled since 1994

Local reindeer populations in several important valleys near Longyearbyen such as Semmeldalen, Colesdalen and Adventdalen have doubled since 1994, and this trend is believed to apply also to other parts of the Spitsbergen archipelago. The reason is thought to be … Continue reading

Polar bears like reindeer

Recenty, a surprising observation has been made in Wijdefjord (central Spitsbergen), when a polar bear killed a reindeer – so far, it has largely been assumed that polar bears eat dead or injured reindeer, but don’t hunt animals that are … Continue reading

Reindeer killed in traffic accident in Longyearbyen

Traffic in Longyearbyen is usually quite safe, but Monday evening saw a tragic accident when a car hit a reindeer on way 500. The animal’s back was broken, and the police did accordingly not have a choice but to kill … Continue reading

Spitsbergen-calendar 2018: November introduced

The next image from the Spitsbergen calendar 2018 is the month November. It shows a small group of Spitsbergen reindeer. These shed their antlers once every year. The exact time is different for males and females. It also varies individually, … Continue reading

The race to the pole 1 …

History of Spitsbergen

William Edward Parry Not all expeditions which went to Spitsbergen during the 19 century, were focused on scientific exploration of the arctic. Because of its position near the pole and its relatively good accessibility for ships due to the warm … Continue reading

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