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MV Ortelius

360 degree panoramas of the MV Ortelius

The bar of Ortelius.

The Bridge.

The Deck 4.

The restaurant.

The Sauna.

The Sleeper.


On certain voyages (Ross Sea, Emperor penguins/Weddell Sea), MV Ortelius is equipped with two helicopters to reach places otherwise inaccessible.

The larger one of the two helicopters during the Ross Sea trip on board MV Ortelius in early 2013. Without these two helos (and their great pilots and mechanics!), we would have missed a lot on this trip. Some important places are foreseeably not accessible without helicopters, as they are mostly deep in ice, such as McMurdo Base (including Hut Point and Observation Hill). Others are principally inaccessible without these flying machines, no matter how good the conditions are. For example magical Taylor Valley (Dry Valleys).


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