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Author Archives: Andrea Sievers

Climate Report Spitsbergen 2100: Concern and Many Questions

The information that global warming will hardly affect and change any region of the world as strongly as the Arctic is anything but new. Nevertheless, the audience became silent when the climate report “Climate in Svalbard 2100” was presented last … Continue reading

Longyearbyen: The most expensive port in the world?

From 2019, large cruise ships will have to pay twice as high harbour fees in the port of Longyearbyen than they did this year. A few days ago, Longyearbyen’s harbour master Kjetil Bråten announced that the price increase is a … Continue reading

Kongsfjord – 12 September 2018

We start in rather traditional manner in Ny-Ålesund in Kongsfjorden. Our first and last visit to a settlement. Spitsbergen gives us a warm – well, chilly, but sunny and beautiful – welcome. A fresh breeze is coming towards us as … Continue reading

Hurtigruten bans disposable plastic

On July 2, the traditional shipping company Hurtigruten celebrates its 125th birthday and at the same time gives a present to the environment: From today on Hurtigruten wants to banish all disposable plastic from its ships. No plastic straws, no … Continue reading


The passage during the night from Hornsund up to Bellsund could have been a bit smoother, but it was all forgotten when we were greeted by some very curious reindeer in Bellsund, with a glacier in the background! So we … Continue reading


The passage from Bear Island to Hornsund was fast and good. The timing could not have been better: shortly before we entered Hornsund, the wind turned to the north and picked up to gale force. This would not have been … Continue reading

Bear Island (Bjørnøya)

Considering the weather forecast, I had been rather optimistic regarding today’s visit to Bear Island, but less so when I saw how the wind and waves came from the southwest, rolling around the southern tip of the island and making … Continue reading

Barents Sea

Always keeping a good eye on the weather forecast, we decided in Stokmarknes to make this our departure point from the mainland of Norway and to set course directly for the Barents Sea and Bear Island. There is a lot … Continue reading

12,000 microplastic parts in one litre of sea ice …

The Arctic ice is significantly more contaminated with microplastics than previously assumed. This was the result of a study of researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven which was published in April. Samples from three expeditions in 2014 and … Continue reading

Out now: Spectacular Antarctica postcards (limited edition)!

Travel to the Antarctic once – a dream only few can realize. Everyone else continues to dream while sending postcards with spectacular pictures from the Antarctic to their loved ones. The postcards include motifs of King and Emperor Penguin, Elephant … Continue reading

Available now: New, fourth edition of the travelguide Spitsbergen – Svalbard

608 pages thick: the new guidebook Spitsbergen – Svalbard for the English-speaking audience has grown by almost 100 pages! All chapters have been updated with new details, especially maps. >>>Click here for more information and ordering the new, fourth edition … Continue reading

140 flats in Longyearbyen must give way to avalanche protection

Extensive avalanche protection measures are likely to change Longyearbyen’s cityscape over the next few years. This was the result of a study published by the NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) in mid-March. Thereafter, the buildings in the eastern … Continue reading

New Spitsbergen postcards out now (limited edition)!

Longing for the Arctic? Or finally wanting to realize the dream of a trip to Spitsbergen? Then it’s time to convince a friend of a trip to Spitsbergen, preferably with a postcard that really awakens the longing for the Arctic. … Continue reading

Remains of cosmetics found in fish

Researchers from Tromsø have found siloxanes in the liver of fish caught off Spitsbergen. Siloxanes are components in silicone products and are used to make cosmetics smooth and supple. Siloxanes are found in almost all cosmetics and skincare products. When … Continue reading

Melting sea ice makes research on polar bears more difficult

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the researchers on Spitsbergen to study the migrations of polar bears on the Barents Sea between Svalbard and Russia. There are about 3000 polar bears living in the area, but only about 300 polar … Continue reading

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