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Author Archives: Andrea Sievers

Several polar bears observed near settlements

Several polar bears have been seen near Longyearbyen and other settlements in the past few weeks. Polar bears look cute, but can be nasty when they are looking for food One of the bears – a 17-year-old male – had … Continue reading

Polar row: In a rowboat to Spitsbergen

If you want to travel to Spitsbergen in an environmentally friendly way, perhaps you should join these five men: the Norwegian Tor Wigum, the Welshman Jeff Willis, the American Carlo Facchino, the Indian Roy Tathagata and the Icelandic Fiann Paul … Continue reading

Svalbard reindeer is doing well

The Norwegian Polar Institute counted 1374 Svalbard reindeer in the Adventdalen around Longyearbyen this year. Many calves were observed and only a few dead reindeer found. This is a trend that has been observed for years: The reindeer population has … Continue reading

Less mercury in polar bears – due to climate change?

If sea ice is gradually withdrawing as a result of climate change, the level of mercury in polar bears could decrease. Healthier food on land thand on ice: Polar bear In an US-American study, hair samples of polar bears were … Continue reading

Evacuation in Longyearbyen ended after four months

In mid-February, an avalanche from the mountain Sukkertoppen hit houses in Longyearbyen and destroyed two buildings. 92 households were evacuated. The last inhabitants in way 226 could now return to their houses on the weekend. Whether and for how long … Continue reading

Old ammunition found in polar bears bodies

An autopsy revealed shotgun ammunition in the fat tissue of the bodies of two polar bears. One, a female with a cub, was shot in June 2016 in Austfjordnes. Only two months later a Russian researcher shot another female polar … Continue reading

Flooding of Global Seed Vault attracts international media – eight month after!

International media reported for several weeks about a leckage in the Global Seed Vault, where seeds of all countries are stored for thousands of years. Global Seed Vault – Seeds for generations? The flooding actually happened – but already in … Continue reading

The Hinlopen glacier retreats

This is shown by satellite images, that the American Geophysical Union has published. Between 1990 and 2016 the glacier has retreated seven kilometers. Hinlopenbreen 1990 und 2016. Red arrow shows 1990 terminus, yellow arrow shows 2016 terminus – Images: AGU, … Continue reading

Arctic World Archive: Data storage in ice

In a bunker in Longyearbyen digital data will be stored and saved over generations, a project called Arctic World Archive. We already reported about the Global Seed Vault on this webside: Seeds from all over the world are stored in … Continue reading

Expedition Arktika 2.0: French adventurer Gilles Elkaim sentenced to 30,000 crowns fine

They wanted to reach the North Pole in Fridtjof Nansen’s footprints, but their expedition ended temporarily on Spitsbergen. The French adventurer Gilles Elkaim and his wife Alexia started their expedition last year in summer in Kirkenes with his sailing vessel … Continue reading

Melting ice in the Arctic leads to air pollution in China

The enormous air pollution in major Chinese cities could be related to arctic melting sea ice. This surprising link between global warming and air pollution is the result of a study, that has now been published in Science Advances. Air … Continue reading

Here comes the sun!

In the middle of February she shows herself for the first time after the long polarnight. But first on March 8th her rays reach Longyearbyen, which is surrounded by mountains. The return of the sun is celebrated by the inhabitants … Continue reading

New avalanche at Hiorthfjellet

A new avalanche has descended at Hiorthfjellet on the north side of the Adventdalen, opposite Longyearbyen. No one was harmed. Security forces have investigated the site and found no damage or trapped persons. Hiorthfjellet in summer (Image: By Bjoertvedt, Wikimedia … Continue reading

92 households in Longyearbyen evacuated

92 households in Longyearbyen are currently being evacuated because further avalanches are feared. The avalanche, which yesterday damaged two houses in way 228, was obviously underestimated by the authorities in advance. During the night at least one more avalanche has … Continue reading

“Repository” for plastic waste at 2500 meters depth

Two researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven found large amounts of plastic waste at a depth of 2500 meters on the seabed in the Framstrait, a strait between Greenland and Spitsbergen. From 2002 to 2014, the Framstrait seabed … Continue reading

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