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Author Archives: Andrea Sievers

Supposedly extinct butterfly discovered

A small butterfly, that was considered to be extinct, ended up in the net of some researchers in the north of Spitsbergen. Plutella Polaris was last seen 147 years ago in 1870, before Geir Søli discovered it again. The researcher … Continue reading

“Princess of Darkness” discovered in Ny Ålesund

For some researchers in Spitsbergen, there is nothing more exciting in winter than lying in the dark and cold for hours on a floating pontoon and illuminate the supposedly dark, lifeless sea with a torch. The sea in the polarnight … Continue reading

No Christmas gifts? Maybe it’s the reindeer…

If Santa Claus does not bring gifts on Saturday, that could also be due to his reindeer. Whether they can pull the sledge heavily packed with gifts is questionable. Because the reindeer on Spitzbergen are getting thinner! The subspecies – … Continue reading

Head of northpole expedition “Arktika 2.0” must go to court

A french skipper, who is accused of having violated several of the strict requirements for the protection of the environment on Svalbard, is to pay a fine of 25,000 crowns (€ 2750). The two French adventurers Gilles and Alexia Elkaim … Continue reading

Autumn in Spitsbergen breaks all records

Even though it is gradually getting colder in Spitsbergen, the news about record-breaking temperatures in the Arctic are not stopping. For six years, Svalbard has been significantly warmer than usual, and the temperatures in November were up to 10 degrees … Continue reading

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