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Author Archives: Elke Lindner

Historical hut burnt in Brucebyen

One of four historical huts in Brucebyen burnt completely down on August 17. A group of young hikers had left hot ashes behind when they left the hut, which had been built in 1919/1920 as part of a coal mining … Continue reading

Reindeer hunt

The annual reindeer hunting season was opened August 15. The hunting areas are limited and the number of animals taken is controlled. The population between Sassendalen and Grøndalen, where the hunting areas are located, has been on the decrease during … Continue reading

Natural emergency harbours in Spitsbergen

The Norwegian coastal authorities have been out on a field trip around Spitsbergen’s coasts to evaluate locations where ships might seek shelter in case of emergency. Representatives of the Norwegian Polar Institute, the ministry of the environment, the governor and … Continue reading

Sea ice, plancton and related issues …

The polar sea ice has its widest distribution during the late winter. The return of the sunlight in spring brings the algal bloom under the ice floes. As a result, zooplankton comes from deeper water layers to the ice to … Continue reading

New dinosaur fossils

It has been know for a long time that Spitsbergen is an Eldorado for palaentologists, including those specialized in dinosauria. The discovery of a Pliosaur at Janusfjellet, north of Longyearbyen, in 2007 has raised worldwide attention not only amongst specialists. … Continue reading

Two paddlers and an bear

Two young Norwegians had set out to circumnavigate the whole archipelago of Spitsbergen, including Nordaustland, in their sea kayaks, but their journey came to a very sudden end on the north coast of Nordaustland, when they were taken by surprise … Continue reading

New geodetic station planned in Ny Ålesund

The Norwegian mapping authority wants to establish a new geodetic station at Brandalspynten near Ny Ålesund. Both the Norwegian Polar Institute and NERC (Natural Environment Research Council, Großbritannien) are against the plan in its current shape. They agree that existing … Continue reading

Underground CO2 storage in Adventdalen

Researches are currently working to establish the reservoir capacity of sandstone layers in Adventdalen for carbon dioxide. The equipment used for previous tests has not been strong enough to explore the full potential. Testing is done by pumping water into … Continue reading

Will Bear Island get its own cenotaph?

The fishery support vessel »Petrozavodsk«, that ran aground on Bear Island in May 2009, will until further remain in its position on the southeastern coast of the island. Authorities have not yet decided how to deal with the wreck. Several … Continue reading

Third EISCAT-antenna

The installations of EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter) near mine 7 will be enlarged with a third antenna, which will be the biggest one. The project is mainly financed from China, that is interested in the data because of planned space … Continue reading

Polar Star aground

On June 30, MV Polar Star ran aground on a rock north of Hornsund (south of Dunøyane). The surprising aspect is the fact that the shallow is actually marked on the most recent sea charts, but as it turned out, … Continue reading

Field police operative

In late June, 3 teams of field inspectors were brought to their respective working areas by the Sysselmannen. The teams consist of two persons, one police officer and one persion with a background in natural history. They are initially based … Continue reading

Passport Control

Authorities are working on plans to introduce pass control at the airport of Longyearbyen. Spitsbergen is under Norwegian sovereignty, but has a special status due to the regulations of the Spitsbergen treaty that is in force. Since 2001, Norway is … Continue reading

Orcanic waste mills

Most households in Longyearbyen have recently been equipped with organic waste mills. The purpose is that food waste is not supposed to increase the quickly growing waste dump in Adventdalen, but is rather intended to be shredded and released to … Continue reading

Polar bears in Longyearbyen …

… tend to be dead and stuffed. Not so the one that came in the evening of 08 June to Nybyen, the upper part of Longyearbyen. It was scared away by the police. It was real and dangerous enough for … Continue reading

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