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Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Daudmannsodden-Ymerbukta – 11th July 2019

The last day – time is flying! We have made good speed and arrived outer Isfjord in the early morning, so we continued a few miles to the north, into Forlandsund (how many times did we sail through Forlandsund on … Continue reading

Sørkapp – 10th July 2019

A relaxed day at sea. We have got a lot of miles to cover from northern Storfjord back to Isfjord, and we don’t have an awful lot of days left. Gallery – Sørkapp – 10th July 2019 The south cape … Continue reading

Ginevrabotnen – 09th July 2019

A long stretch took us up to Ginevrabotnen last night. This is the northernmost part of Storfjord, north of Barentsøya. There is still quite a bit of drift ice in this area. We have arrived in the high arctic! The … Continue reading

East coast: Markhambreen & Kvalvågen – 08th July 2019

Finally we have left the west coast behind – as beautiful as it is there! But now on to something different. Wild and rough, somehow more arctic. It is not a gentle landscape here in the east. Almost hostile, this … Continue reading

Hyttevika – 07th July 2019

Finally, a weather window has opened up between all these low pressures that have been passing through here now. According to the forecast, we should have some calm days ahead of us now. So let’s go down south and around … Continue reading

Isfjord – 06th July 2019

Back in Isfjord – again. Our hide-and-seek with the wind. Well, today we are not really hiding from the wind. We are steaming against a force 7 into Ymerbukta, where we spend some time near Esmarkbreen. Later, while at anchor, … Continue reading

Forlandsund – 05th July 2019

It does not happen too often that we visit one and the same place twice during one trip. But today, we are back at Sarstangen, where we started – feels like months ago! Back then, we had the two polar … Continue reading

Isfjord – 04th July 2019

Right place, right time – again! We can enjoy the fascinating landscape on and around Coraholmen in brilliant sunshine. It is almost too warm! According to the weather forecast, Isfjord should have been calm as a lake today. This is … Continue reading

Dicksonfjord – 03rd July 2019

We have moved into some of the inner branches of Isfjord to enjoy some fantastic scenery although the weather is actually quite grey. Still, it is beautiful. And we meet a pod of Belugas in reddish meltwater. Kapp Smith was … Continue reading

St. Jonsfjord – 02nd July 2019

The main point in out planning is still to avoid the areas of strong winds that are currently raging in several parts of Spitsbergen. The low pressures are passing through one by one, without a break. But we are doing … Continue reading

Krossfjord – Kongsfjord – 01st July 2019

We had been hoping for a good hike in Krossfjord. What we get instead is a lot of wind, wind and even more wind. It is a bit more calm at Lilliehöökbreen – and very impressive. An ice cliff, several … Continue reading

Drift ice edge – 30th June 2019

We have got good sailing wind to bring us northwards to Magdalenefjord, where we anchor late in the night and then wake up with sunshine and two polar bears in view. Then we continue northwards, to the ice edge. It … Continue reading

Kongsfjord – 29th June 2019

Another beautiful day – something you should not take for granted here in Spitsbergen these days, considering the weather forecast. There are some strong low pressures around in the north Atlantic. But Kongsfjord was the right place at the right … Continue reading

Engelskbukta, Fjortende Julibukta – 28th June 2019

A fair breeze has brought us up north again. A few years ago in Engelskbukta, a glacier had advanced strongly and turned its surroundings into an impressive ice age landscape. Geomorphology live! And a chance for an easy, little glacier … Continue reading

Bellsund – 27th June 2019

Southwards – that was to be Hornsund for us. After checking the updated weather forecast, we had changed our plan and went to Bellsund. The weather does not seem to be too promising further south. So Bellsund is the place … Continue reading

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