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Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Two persons dead in mountain accident in Hornsund

Two persons died during a mountain hike in Hornsund. They were a woman and a man who belonged to the crew of the Polish research station in Hornsund. They had set out for a private tour on Friday but did … Continue reading

Spitsbergen website in Norwegian

This Spitsbergen website is now also online in Norwegian under the domain name www.spitsbergen-svalbard.no. It is by far the largest and most comprehensive website dedicated exclusively to Spitsbergen – or rather: to Svalbard, because it covers the whole archipelago including … Continue reading

Tundra swan near Longyearbyen

The swan song of the winter? Just in time for the “ornithological spring”, a rare tundra swan (Cygnus bewickii) showed up near Longyearbyen. Swans are not on the list of breeding birds in Spitsbergen, they come just occasionally as vagrants. … Continue reading


The winter season is now, in early May or actually soon mid May, about to come to an end, but we are currently having beautiful days, after an April that was partly quite, well, mixed. Now we having temperatures below … Continue reading

Bank robbery in Longyearbyen: verdict

Spitsbergen’s first bank robbery took place in Longyearbyen on 21 December 2018. The offender was a 29 years old Russian citizen who had come to Longyearbyen a few days before. He threatened the bank employees with a rifle and forced … Continue reading

Svalbard Skimarathon

Today (Saturday, 27 April) at 9 a.m., the starting shot for the Svalbard Skimarathon 2019 was fired by Sysselmann Kjerstin Askholt. Sysselmann Kjerstin Askholt is ready to fire the starting shot for the Svalbard Skimarathon 2019. The moment when the … Continue reading

Spitsbergen back to winter mode on Easter Sunday

After an early snow melting period last week, the winter returned to Spitsbergen exactly on Easter Sunday with temperatures below zero. After a couple of very wet and grey days, which frustrated tourists, locals, guides and tour operators alike, molten … Continue reading

Spitsbergen is melting: early snow melt in Longyearbyen

Snow melt – 4 weeks too early Yes, this is how the last entry started as well. It is not great. Yes, there have always been mild air incursions with thawing temperatures and rain in Spitsbergen, even in mid-winter. The … Continue reading

The ice cave in Longyearbreen

Snow melt – 4 weeks too early Currently – today it is 18 April – I get the impression that Spitsbergen is really melting and flowing away. The snow melt has started, several weeks to early. This April will without … Continue reading

Temperature in Longyearbyen since 100 months above average

Climate in Longyearbyen warmer than average since 100 months February and March 2019 have mostly been cold months with temperatures around -20 degrees centigrade and below over many periods, but it has not been enough to reach the monthly average. … Continue reading

Mohnbukta: snow mobile tour to Spitsbergen’s east coast

As beautiful as Longyearbyen’s surroundings are especially at this time of year, it is always tempting and actually also great to get further away from “civilisation”. We take the opportunity that the fine weather provides, pack the sledges and set … Continue reading

Sysselmannen gives Store Norske permission to break ice in Van Mijenfjord

Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani (SNSK), owner of the former coal mining settlement of Sveagruva, has got permission from the Sysselmannen to break the fjord ice in Van Mijenfjord to the harbour of Svea. Van Mijenfjord is sheltered from the open … Continue reading

Northern light …

The days are getting longer, and time is just flying! Now we have already had this year’s spring equinox. The equatorial plane of the Earth passed through the centre of the sun on Wednesday (20 March) at 21.58 hours (UT … Continue reading

Solfest: Sola er tilbake – the sun is back!

Sola e’ tilbake! That was the motto of the day last Friday (several day ago already, time is running!), which was THE big day: solfest – sun fest – in Longyearbyen! As mentioned, the sun has actually returned to the … Continue reading

Sassendalen and Tempelfjord

The winter keeps showing off with cold, stable weather and the sun is climbing a tiny little bit higher every day. We make use of such grand conditions as often as possible to enjoy the outdoors in this amazing country, … Continue reading

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