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Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

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Isøyane & Kapp Borthen – 16 August 2018

Sørkapp turned out to be a piece of cake this time 🙂 hardly any sea worth mentioning. We still went up the west coast a good couple of miles last night, to place us a bit further north, so we … Continue reading

Isbukta – 15 August 2018

We anchored in Isbukta to get at least a few hours of sleep before it would be time to round Sørkapp (the south cape, Spitsbergen’s little version of Cape Hoorn). As the sun was shining and conditions were ideal in … Continue reading

The east coast – 14 August 2018

Spitsbergen’s east coast has, for good (or bad) reasons, a reputation of a certain inaccessibility, if you exclude Sabine Land with Agardhbukta, Dunérbukta and Mohnbukta, which can be reached relatively easily from Longyearbyen, especially in winter. But elsewhere it is … Continue reading

Agardhbukta – 13 August 2018

Agardhbukta on the east coast of Spitsbergen, a bit further south than Longyearbyen, was exactly in the right position for us to drop the anchor late night. The atmosphere was almost melancholic, the light approaching twilight, the sun practicing sunsets … Continue reading

Heleysund – 13 August 2018

A dream day in one of the most beautiful corners of Spitsbergen, in the easternmost part of the main island. There is this lovely bay in Heleysund where you can anchor perfectly well even if it is blowing a bit, … Continue reading

Hinlopen – 12 August 2018

We are still in Hinlopen Strait, having spent the night anchored close to one of the islands there. Rocky, barren polar desert. Nothing but stones. That’s what it looks like, at least from a distance. On closer inspection, it turns … Continue reading

Hinlopen – 11 August 2018

After many hours sailing we dropped the anchor in Murchisonfjord in the early morning hours. We visited the old Swedish station of Kinnvika and went for a long hike in the wide-open polar-desert-like landscape, reaching hills with stunning views and … Continue reading

Rijpdalen – 10 August 2018

It is so good to spend a calm night at anchor in a hidden bay at the end of the world, deep in Rijpfjord on the north side of Nordaustland! Good prospects for tomorrow, as some of us were planning … Continue reading

Nordenskiöldbukta-Rijpfjord – 09 August 2018

Today and tomorrow we want to try to find out about some of Nordaustlandet’s secrets, which are hidden deep in the huge fjords. Some of theses surprises happen just to be on our way. Suddenly we have at least 2 … Continue reading

On the way up to Nordaustland – 08 August 2018

The wind out there at sea has finally calmed down and it is time for us to get on. We want to sail up to the northern side of Nordaustland and later around Spitsbergen, so there are still a lot … Continue reading

Chermsideøya – 08 August 2018

After many hours of sailing time, we had reached some of the northernmost islands of Spitsbergen. Not the very northernmost one, Sjuøyane are still further north, but there is indeed a Nordkapp (North Cape) on this island! Chermsideoya A little … Continue reading

Mushamna – 07 August 2018

A pretty grey and over large parts also wet day, but we made a lot out of it. A lovely over the tundra, enjoying great views of the inland valleys around Mushamna, a visit to the famous trapper station and … Continue reading

Mushamna – saving the seal – 06 August 2018

The anchor was on the bottom in Mushamna, we were about to finish a cosy evening and call it a day as a small seal was seen near the beach entangled in a piece of fishing net, fighting for its … Continue reading

Texas Bar – 06 August 2018

It is supposed to be quite windy today out there off the coast, so we are happy to be safely at anchor in this lovely and well-sheltered bay in Liefdefjord. The clouds are hanging low and there is little to … Continue reading

From Sallyhamna to Liefdefjord – 05 August 2018

It took a bit longer than expected to leave in the morning because the day began just as yesterday finished: with a family of polar bears. Possibly the same ones that we saw last night, but 2 families are supposed … Continue reading

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