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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Corona-virus: Spitsbergen in lockdown-mode

After a lucky return from Antarctica, the only continent currently not directly affected by the Corona-virus (but certainly indirectly), I am now about to catch up with the Spitsbergen news on ths site. It is not that nothing has happened … Continue reading

Spitsbergen, the Antarctic and the Corona virus

The winter season should be super busy at this time in Spitsbergen, but instead it is very silent now in Longyearbyen and Barentsburg. No tourists there at all. The only thing that you might hear is the tourism industry crying. … Continue reading

Svea Nord is history

Svea Nord was the largest coal mine ever in Spitsbergen. It belonged to the mining complex of Sveagruva in Van Mijenfjord, together with the settlement of Sveagruva itself, the harbour facilities at Kapp Amsterdam and the mine in Lunckefjellet. The … Continue reading

Avalanche accident at Fridtjovbreen: two persons dead

Two people, both of German nationality, were killed during an avalanche accident at Fridtjovbreen, a glacier south of Barentsburg. Both were travelling as part of a guided group of the Arctic Travel Company in Barentsburg. When Norwegian rescue forces arrived … Continue reading

Polar bear weighed only 62 kg

The polar bear that died in late January during transportation in a helicopter weighed only 62 kg as first results of the post mortem revealed. This means that the bear must either have been very small or extremely thin. Even … Continue reading

100 years Spitsbergen Treaty

The Spitsbergen Treaty was signed exactly 100 years ago, on 09 February 1920, in Versailles. The contract secured suverenity over the Spitsbergen islands but includes several limitations. Click here to read more about the treaty itself on the page dedicated … Continue reading

Anaesthetised polar bear died during transport

The polar bear that was anaesthetised and flown out last night died during the transport in the helicopter, according to the Sysselmannen. The cause of death is currently unknown. A postmortem examination is expected to clarify this within a few … Continue reading

Again polar bear in Longyearbyen area, flown out

Again, a polar bear showed up in the Longyearbyen area. The bear was seen yesterday (Thursday, 30 January) at Hotellneset, close to the airport. An anaesthetised polar bear during preparations for the flight to Kinnvika (archive image, 2016). The Sysselmannen … Continue reading

New reglations for protected areas on the west- and north coast of Spitsbergen

New regulations for the National Parks on the west coast of Spitsbergen – South Spitsbergen National Park and North Spitsbergen National Park – have been under discussion for a considerable time. They entered force on 20 December 2019, according to … Continue reading

Monetary fine for disturbance of bird colony at Ossian Sarsfjellet

A tour operator has got a fine of 30,000.00 NOK (3,000 Euro) by the Sysselmannen for disturbance of breeding birds at Ossian Sarsfjellet in Kongsfjord. The ship run by the tour operator had dropped the anchor close to the cliff … Continue reading

Polar bear again seen in Bolterdalen

Outdoor folks who want to get out near Longyearbyen can not yet return back to normal (whatever that means in Spitsbergen anyway). The polar bear that gave a group of tourists and guides with dog sledges a good adrenalin rush … Continue reading

Norwegian government wants to discuss certification requirements for guides

The discussion about formal requirements for guides is not new, but it has now got a significant boost as the Norwegian government has declared a need for this discussion. “Guide” is, so far, not a formally qualified profession. There are … Continue reading

Close encounter with polar bear in Bolterdalen

Yet again, a polar bear has been in the area near Longyearbyen. This time, it was not just tracks in the snow, but a very close encounter of a group of 4 dog sledges with guides and tourists in Bolterdalen. … Continue reading

Polar bear track near Longyearbyen

A polar bear track has been found on Longyearbreen (-glacier) close to Longyearbyen, according to the local newspaper Svalbardposten. It is very unlikely that the track is from the bear that has kept people in Longyearbyen excited in late December … Continue reading

100 years ago: Spitsbergen’s largest mining accident

Spitsbergen’s largest mining disaster ever took place exactly 100 years ago, 03 January 1920, in mine 1 in Longyear City. The mine is today mostly known as the “American mine” and Longyear City is called Longyearbyen since 1926. Mine 1 … Continue reading

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