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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Fishing vessel Northguider still on the ground in Hinlopen Strait

All visitors and friends of this website and its author a happy new year! The transition from 2018 to 2019 was calm in Longyearbyen – with some of the usual fireworks, of course. The Sysselmannen just had to step in … Continue reading

Fishing vessel in maritime distress in Hinlopen Strait

A fishing vessel got into serious trouble in Hinlopen Strait in northern Svalbard, as the SAR central in north Norway informed. The Norwegian ship “Northguider” had raised the alarm at 1322 hours (local time) today (Friday), whereupon the SAR machinery … Continue reading

With new Spitsbergen panoramas into the new year

In 2018, again I had plenty of opportunities to shoot arctic panoramas, making these interesting and beautiful (well in some cases, it is interesting or beautiful) easily accessible for everybody. Physically, most of them are pretty much inaccessible for most … Continue reading

Why Santa Claus’ reindeer come from Spitsbergen. And why this can’t be true.

Christmas is a time of love, family and healthy food. Presents, trees and… mystery. Or do you know how Santa Claus manages to visit far more than a billion children around the globe? Even if you take those out who … Continue reading

Bank robbery in Longyearbyen: first details about the offender

The man who tried to rob the bank in Longyearbyen on Friday is a 29 years old Russian citizen who does not live in Longyearbyen, as the Sysselmannen stated in a press release. The man is now in Tromsø for … Continue reading

Bank robbery in Longyearbyen

No, this is not a joke, unfortunately: there was a bank robbery in Longyearbyen today (Friday, 21 December). The alarm went in the Sysselmannen’s office at 10.40 local time. One man entered the bank with a firearm and brought some … Continue reading

Walrus population is growing in Spitsbergen

Good news about arctic wildlife populations – do they exist? There is, of course and for good (or, rather, bad) reason, a lot of attention on climate change and how polar bears and other species will cope with life in … Continue reading

Rock legend Robert Plant comes to Longyearbyen

There are still those who think that Longyearbyen is a lonely, silent place where a few coal miners and trappers live. Reality is quite different: there is a well-established and vibrant cultural scene. Next to some very active local clubs … Continue reading

Evacuations in Longyearbyen due to avalanche risk

It has almost become a painful tradition: the evacuation of dwelling houses in Longyearbyen at times of avalanche risk. The white danger was brought back into public attention very abruptbly in December 2015 when a snow avalanche from the mountain … Continue reading

Good times for mine 7

Mine 7, the last Norwegian coal mine in Spitsbergen still active, has a history of 52 years – quite impressive for a coal mine and certainly more than most others in Svalbard. And it looks like 2018 will be the … Continue reading

Northern lights over Spitsbergen

The sky is mostly cloudy here these days, and when the stars are shining through, then coordination with solar activity in the magnetosphere – northern lights, Aurora borealis – is not yet quite perfect. Northern lights over Adventdalen. You can’t … Continue reading

Spitsbergen – polar night

This year’s last sunrise was on 26 October, 13 days ago, at 12:07 hours. The sun went down again at 13:14 hours and it won’t be visible again until late February. (read more about midnight sun and polar night here) … Continue reading

Barentsburg-Panoramas now newly sorted and accessible through a map

The dark season in the Arctic is a good period to get desktop table projects done which have been waiting already for too long. Such as getting the collection of 360 degree panoramas from Barentsburg sorted, which until now had … Continue reading

Energy and heating in Longyearbyen: heating like hell

Energy consumption in Longyearbyen is high above the average in mainland Norway. Heating is provided in Longyearbyen by long-distance heating from the coal power plant, and the locals are generous when using this precious resource. The reason is not only … Continue reading

Nusfjord: farewell to Lofoten

It was an early start again in Skrova as we had several hours of sailing time ahead of us to Nusfjord, our next and last destination in Lofoten. It turned out to be a lovely passage with a beautiful sunset … Continue reading

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