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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Russian helicopter crashed near Barentsburg

There will be updates (see bottom end of this article) as further information becomes available. A Russian MI-8 helicopter crashed near Barentsburg and fell into the sea in Isfjord. The helicopter was on the way from Pyramiden to Barentsburg with … Continue reading

Spitsbergen-calendar 2018: frozen waterfall in January

In the high arctic, January is icy cold – usually at least. Sometimes, spells of mild air masses from the Atlantic can bring temperatures fluctuating around zero degrees and rain. That was not totally unknown in the first half of … Continue reading

The Spitsbergen-calender 2018: northern lights over Longyearbyen in December

The northern light is for the polar night what the polar bears are for the summer: everybody wants to see them. The northern light, or Aurora borealis, is indeed a majestic phenomenon! If you have ever seen a real one, … Continue reading

Born in Sauna: Alexander Lembke’s Sauna exhibition opened in Tampere

Alexander Lembke is well known to many who have travelled with us in recent years in Spitsbergen. Many have heard about his project of science, photography and practical use of the Finnish sauna. Now, the project has reached a (preliminary) … Continue reading

Tampere – 13th October 2017

You may have noticed that this is about Tampere, which is not in Spitsbergen. It is actually in Finland! Far down south! Yes, true. But those who have been with Rolf Stange and Alexander Lembke in Spitsbergen in recent years, … Continue reading

Sauna Syntyneet – Born in Sauna – 13th October 2017

We are still in Tampere in Finnland and we are getting to the centerpiece of the trip to the country of forests, lakes and – sauna. This is what it was all about. After a long time of intense work … Continue reading

Coal mining in Sveagruva is history

The Norwegian government in Oslo has decided that the coal mine in Lunckefjellet near Sveagruva will not come into productive operation. The mine was opened in 2014 but since then, it has only been driven in standby mode. The mining … Continue reading

Spitsbergen-calendar 2018: November introduced

The next image from the Spitsbergen calendar 2018 is the month November. It shows a small group of Spitsbergen reindeer. These shed their antlers once every year. The exact time is different for males and females. It also varies individually, … Continue reading

Longyearbyen cemetery may be moved because of avalanche risk

The cemetery of Longyearbyen has been in a calm part of the valley Longyeardalen for about a century, between the church and Huset, the old town meeting place. It is still an active cemetery, the last burials were in 2013 … Continue reading

Spitsbergen-calendar 2018: the stories behind 2 months

The September-page of our Spitsbergen-calendar 2018 … Spitsbergen-Calender 2018: September. Walrusses and polar fox. … shows a group of walrusses on the beach at Smeerenburg on Amsterdamøya doing what walrusses do best: sleeping and digesting mussels. While we keep a … Continue reading

White humpback whale again seen in Svalbard

White humpback whales are a very rare phenomenon. Globally, scientists know of three individuals. Two of them live in Australian waters and a third one in the north Atlantic. The latter one has recently been seen again for the first … Continue reading

Longyearbreen – 29th September 2017

We pay another little visit to Longyearbreen. How great is it to have this kind of playground so close to town? Meltwater is rushing down the channels, it is well worth to look for fossils in the moraine, and then … Continue reading

Endalen – 27th September 2017

The following days in and around Longyearbyen show how much luck we have had on the last trip with Antigua. Now, we don’t see the smallest bit of blue sky for days on end, and usually only the lower half … Continue reading

Italian lost and found

After the search after a sailing boat last week, SAR (search and rescue) forces from Sysselmannen and Red Cross were, only a few days later, again out on a major mission. On Saturday afternoon at 16.20 hours, the local hospital … Continue reading

Isfjord – 21st September 2017

This days comes as a contrast, showing us how it could have been much more often: grey and wet. We have been very lucky with many good days with great light! The rather dark light and weather fits the desolate … Continue reading

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