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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

The graveyard of Pyramiden – 07th September 2017

I have to admit that I had never been to the graveyard of Pyramiden before. So it was definitely time for a visit. It is a bit outside of the settlement, in the middle of the river plain in Mimerdalen. … Continue reading

Yggdrasilkampen – 06th September 2017

Every time when in Pyramiden, I am impressed by the mountain on the other side of the valley. It bears the slightly strange name Yggdrasilkampen, derived from a term used in Norse mythology. Old viking stuff, has got something to … Continue reading

Billefjord – 05th September 2017

The last blog entry was from Billefjord a few weeks ago, and now I start again in Billefjord. After all, it is one of Spitsbergen’s most beautiful fjords! The idea was to spend a couple of days in Pyramiden. Not … Continue reading

The new Spitsbergen calendar 2018 is available!

The new Spitsbergen calendar 2018 is here, fresh from the printer, and ready for ordering and shipping! Since 2012, the Spitsbergen calendar has almost become a little, annual tradition: 12 beautiful photos take you through the arctic seasons. We will … Continue reading

Sysselmannen takes action against drugs in Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen is not entirely free of drugs, as most places where humans live. Apart from the Scandinavian style of alcohol consumption, which may be noteworthy as seen from a central-European perspective, there are also harder drugs. It is not a … Continue reading

Billefjord – 14th August 2017

On the last day of such a long, intense trip, it is allowed to be a little bit wistful. 18 days are still too short! There was a choice in the morning, a tour through the settlement of Pyramiden or … Continue reading

Barentsburg & Grønfjordfjellet – 13th August 2017

The passage last night up to Isfjord was almost surprisingly calm. It was definitely a good idea to wait the weather out in Fridtjovhamna for a couple of hours. Which is not a bad thing anyway, considering the scenery there. … Continue reading

Sailing boat almost sunk in Spitsbergen

On Sunday (August 6) morning, a private yacht got into a dramatic situation at sea in Svalbard. It took water and was not far from sinking. Three persons were on board, all of them German. They are all well now. … Continue reading

Recherchefjord – 12th August 2017

As expected, Recherchefjord did not let us down. We got some late, but calm hours of sleep and a lovely hike. It is still very windy all over the place, and we wait it out during the evening, hoping for … Continue reading

Sørkapp & Raksodden – 11th August 2017

The south cape lived up to its bad reputation, with wind force 7-8. At least it was coming from a useful direction, pushing us under sails up to a good 11 knots. Not bad for this 40 ton steel monster … Continue reading

Negribreen & Freemansund – 10th August 2017

Negribreen, the largest glacier of the main island of Spitsbergen, was a bit foggy, but nevertheless very impressive. But the clear highlight of the day, if not of the trip, was definitely the young polar bear that was chewing on … Continue reading

Easternmost Spitsbergen – 09th August 2017

We had several polar bear sightings on the way towards Heleysund, but all of them distant in the terrain. There is a little cliff coast south of Kapp Payer, Spitsbergen’s easternmost point, which was not helpful in this case. The … Continue reading

Hinlopen (2) – 08th August 2017

The anchor fell comparatively early last night, it was indeed still yesterday and not already today, at Wahlbergøya. That was a good thing, after all those long days. So we could start the day today with a nice walk across … Continue reading

Hinlopen – 07th August 2017

Some low clouds and fog don’t keep us from hiking up a mythical mountain in Lomfjord, and as the fog clears, the reward comes in shape of amazing views of the surrounding scenery. And a lovely, long hike anyway. It … Continue reading

Chermsideøya-Langgrunnodden – 06th August 2017

Ice and fog got denser and denser as we sailed into Rijpfjord last night, so in the end we had to turn around. One potential anchorage after the other was blocked by ice, so we just had to continue until … Continue reading

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