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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Polar bear family shot at Austfjordneset: shooter gets fine

The case of the polar bear family shot in June at Austfjordneset has been matter of this blog in two previous articles (click here for the first one and here for the second one). The verdict of the public prosecutor … Continue reading

Bellsund – 28th/29th July 2016

28th/29th July 2016 – The thin layer of fog that had cast such magical light effects over Hornsund yesterday had grown over night into a solid, low lying cloud cover, making the world appear much more grey than it had … Continue reading

Hornsund – 27th July 2016

The famous female trapper Wanny Woldstad wrote about Hornsund that it is too beautiful to describe, you have to experience it yourself. This is certainly true on a day like this.There are no words for this, I leave it up … Continue reading

Storfjord – 26th July 2016

The wide-open Storfjord, often a very unpleasant stretch of water, is lying like a mirror around us. After a late breakfast – the polar bear show kept us busy for a good part of the night – we reached Spitsbergen’s … Continue reading

Heleysund & Freemansund – 25th July 2016

Compared to the barren polar desert of Nordaustland, the lush-green tundra around Heleysund is a different world. The rock columns of basalt remind of wild west country. Inland, flower carpets with saxifrages and Svalbard poppy are stretching between the rocky … Continue reading

Bråsvellbreen, Vibebukta – 24th July 2016

A big advantage of circumnavigating Nordaustland clockwise is that you have to sail along the long glacier front, the longest one of the northern hemisphere. This ice cliff is a phenomenon even if you just follow it for just a … Continue reading

Storøya & Kvitøya – 23rd July 2016

We were already far north and the weather was on our side. So we set course around Nordaustland and to Spitsbergen’s remotest areas. It turned out a day not to be forgotten. It started with calm seas, no wind and … Continue reading

Sjuøyane – 22nd July 2016

We made it up to Sjuøyane, the Seven Islands, the northernmost part of Spitsbergen! That is just around the corner from the north pole. We could almost see it from a little hill on Phippsøya, it was just hidden behind … Continue reading

Wahlenbergfjord – 22nd July 2016

We did get wind, today in Wahlenbergfjord. This did not keep us from making a nice little landing in a hidden corner somewhere in Palanderbukta. In the afternoon, things got interesting. Nice sailing wind to move under sails into Wahlenbergfjord, … Continue reading

Hinlopen – 21st July, 2016

Miracles of Hinlopen Strait. Important part of today’s pleasures: the weather, in terms of no wind. Nothing you should take for granted in these waters, as we were to find out a day later. The photos will do the talking … Continue reading

Mosselhalvøya – 18th/19th July, 2016

A tent night just under the 80th parallel, sounds like a dream, doesn’t it 🙂 and that was exactly our plan, at least for a part of the group. While landing, the thought of spending the night in a camp … Continue reading

West coast – 16th and 17th July 2016

16th and 17th July 2016 – Feels like ages ago that we were on the west coast – less than a week, actually, but it feels like a month, and indeed the time was so fully packed with endless activities … Continue reading

Forlandsund – 15th July 2016

Sometimes being a bit late is good thing. It is easy to keep the routine, falling asleep in Isfjord and waking up in Kongsfjord. This time, we had a couple of important things to do before we could take off … Continue reading

Female polar bear and cub shot at Austfjordneset: case goes to Tromsø

The sad shooting of a mother polar bear and her first year cub has been the matter of the last news posting on this website. A trapper wanted to scare the polar bear away with a rubber bullet, but by … Continue reading

Female polar bear and cub shot at Austfjordneset

A female polar bear and her first year cub were shot at Austfjordneset (inner Wijdefjord) in Spitsbergen on June 13 (during the season, news are updated with delays. The focus is currently on the travel blog). Two persons are currently … Continue reading

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