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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Passenger ship Malmö stuck in ice

Malmö in the ice There are 35 % less ice in the whole Arctic Ocean than usual (a term that will most likely have to be re-defined soon), but in Svalbard, ice conditions are more as they used to be … Continue reading

Hall Bredning – 5th September 2019

It is an early start into the day. Well, actually it was even earlier than that. The northern light. And then, a few hours later, the alarm went. We have a lot of miles ahead of us. Soon we are … Continue reading

Øfjord – Bjørneøerne – 4th September 2019

The Øfjord („Island fjord“) connects the innermost branches of the Scoresbyund such as Harefjord with the large, more open part in the middle known as Hall Bredning. It is, out of the three fjords around Milne Land, the one with … Continue reading

Harefjord – 3rd September 2019

As mentioned, there are not too many good anchorages in many parts of Greenland, aber there are some. We spent a calm night in a small bay in Harefjord, one of Scoresbysund’s inner branches. The inland ice is not far … Continue reading

Rødefjord – 2nd September 2019

Well, last night’s anchorage in innermost Fønfjord was not exactly great. The sea bottom was sloping steeply to great depth near the shore. No surprise the anchor was sliding down after a few hours. A typical Greenland phenomenon that finished … Continue reading

Danmark Ø – 01st September 2019

We reached Hekla Havn last night, a beautiful natural harbour on Danmark Ø, where we secured Anne-Margaretha with a sophisticated arrangement of shorelines perfectly well so we did not even need to keep anchor watch. Not a bad thing, a … Continue reading

Vikingebugt – 31st August 2019

Last night the anchor fell in Vikingebugt. Quite deep in the Scoresbysund – we had sailed more than 60 miles since turning around Kap Brewster – but there are not many sheltered anchorages on this rugged coastline. It was a … Continue reading

Kap Brewster – 29th/30th August 2019

Yesterday (Thursday) morning the Greenland coast came into view, the mountains south of Scoresbysund, called the Blosseville Coast. What looked like individual mountains – or icebergs, as some initially thought – then turned out to be a long, continuous chain … Continue reading

Denmark Strait – 28th August 2019

According to the forecast, this should be a good day to start the crossing towards Greenland. So we had an early breakfast and started moving around 8 a.m. Soon, the little island of Grimsey disappeared in the low clouds behind … Continue reading

Grimsey – 27th August 2019

We stay for a day on Grimsey to give the storm between Iceland and Greenland some time to ease out. And you can obviously spend a lovely day here! The little island of Grimsey is the northernmost inhabited part of … Continue reading

Eyafjordur – 26th August 2019

You don’t have to be a professional meteorologist to see where you do currently not want to be with a 20 meter sailing boat. Given the choice to sit in a hot pool in Akureyri’s fabulous public swimming pool instead. … Continue reading

Akureyri – 24th August 2019

Time is flying – I just said goodbye to SY Arctica II and her good people in Longyearbyen, and now I am already in Akureyri, north Iceland, on board the sailing ship Anne-Margaretha (german only). That is the beautiful ship … Continue reading

Recherchefjord – Barentsburg – Longyearbyen – 20th/21th August 2019

After a late arrival in Recherchefjord and a couple of hours resting time, we move out to explore the scenic landscape. A group of hikers grabs the crampons and walk up the glacier Renardbreen. The friends of the tundra make … Continue reading

Hyttevika – 19th August 2019

Stormbukta didn’t want to have us today. The combination of strong low water and wind was no good. Hyttevika turned out to be the place for us today. And what a place! Stunningly beautiful west coast landscape with sharp rocks, … Continue reading

Storfjord-Sørkappøya – 18th August 2019

Today we are heading across Storfjord to the south cape and the west coast. The weather should be ideal, according for the forecast. And it was ideal. It does not get any better. Sun and flatcalm water. The skipper can … Continue reading

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