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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Murchisonfjord – 27th July 2015

Inner Murchisonfjord is teasing with its wide-open landscapes, barren but then so rich in detail, and the vicinity of the inland ice. So we went out, equipped with thermos bottles and sandwiches, following little valleys inland. A moon landscape, but … Continue reading

Mosselbukta – 26th July 2015

In inner Mosselbukta, the landscape does not really know if it wants to be land or sea. A number of beaches separate smaller and larger lagoons, peninsulas reach out into the bay, a number of little rivers is running across … Continue reading

Land of polar bear and whalers – 25th July 2015

While continuing further northwest, we discovered another female polar bear which was walking over some small islands in Fuglefjord. This is good polar bear country at the time being, always something going on.     Foto Fugleholmane – 25. Juli … Continue reading

Northwards – 24th July 2015

Now it was getting time to move northwards. The wind was not completely gone, but it had calmed down considerably, compared to two days ago, when we had turned into Krossfjord rather than going out. But there was still some … Continue reading

Kongsfjord III – 23rd July 2015

All good things are threefold (I am sure that doesn’t translate, but that is what the German original says), so we spent a third day in Kongsfjord. Well, it wasn’t quite like that. In Krossfjord, it was so windy that … Continue reading

Kongsfjord II – 22nd July 2015

Ossian Sarsfjellet has got more to offer than a bird cliff and flowers. On the eastern side, it has some impressive glaciers in the direct neighbourhood, and as it is not far to that side, we went for a hike … Continue reading

Kongsfjord – 21st July 2015

What a day. Long, full and beautiful. And as it is time to finish it, this blog entry won’t be terribly long. The scene for the day is not unknown. Kongsfjord is a classic, especially Ny Ålesund will be known … Continue reading

Prins Karls Forland – 20. Juli 2015

Small ships and boats normally stay between Spitsbergen and Prins Karls Forland, keeping to the better sheltered waters of Forlandsund rather than the exposed west coast of Prins Karls Forland, where the sea can be rougher. So those who can … Continue reading

Advanced Spitsbergen: Arctica II – 19th Juli 2015

So far, it has been a great season, and we are about to continue on a high level. A few hours ago we left Longyearbyen with Arctica II. Twelve people including skipper Pål from Longyearbyen and me on a robust … Continue reading

Pyramiden – 16th Juli 2015

No Spitsbergen-trip would be complete without a visit to one of the Russian settlements, so we were in Pyramiden today. Again, luck with the weather: last night, we engined against strong wind into Billefjord, rain and sleet around midnight, and … Continue reading

Ekmanfjord – 15th Juli 2015

Isfjord is Spitsberge’s biggest fjord. I’d quite like to do a trip once that is just focussing on Isfjord. It would be easy to spend a week there. There is almost everything that you might want to see in Spitsbergen: … Continue reading

Recherchefjord – 14th Juli 2015

You can discover so much if you just take the time for it. With a small group, we went on a Zodiac trip to explore Recherchefjord in some detail. Starting in Calypsobyen, a little aggregation of old huts where coal … Continue reading

Hornsund – 13th Juli 2015

Hornsund can be nasty, and it can be friendly and beautiful. Today, it was wonderful. Silent, clear weather, calm water with mirror images of the surrounding mountains. And there are some beautiful mountains arranged at the shores of this fjord. … Continue reading

Southern west coast – 12rd Juli 2015

The day started exactly in the same way as yesterday: calm, almost mirror-like water, but dense fog. Apart from the poor visibility, conditions were again ideal for landings at unusual places, exposed, difficult to reach, usually ignored. But as calm … Continue reading

Forlandsund & Whales – 11th Juli 2015

The water was calm as a mirror, the wind somewhere else on the planet, but not here. A good opportunity to visit exposed places, which are usually hard to reach and well off the trodden path. Such as the west … Continue reading

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