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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

“Wildlife specialists” barked at walrusses

Probably, you have to read the headline twice to believe it: yes, people were grunting at walrusses, not the other way around. This remarkable event is said to have happened on July 16 at Torellneset in Hinlopen Strait during a … Continue reading

„Polarsyssel“: A new ship for the Sysselmannen

After a delay of nearly four months, the Sysselmannen´s new ship Polarsyssel could be named and officially taken into service on Saturday, September 20th. The ceremony was held at the ‘Gammelkaia’ in Longyearbyen in the presence of the Norwegian Minister … Continue reading

Oktoberfest in Longyearbyen

The famous Oktoberfest in Munich, said to be the world’s largest folk festival, has its little brother in Spitsbergen: On Thursday (25th September), the local Oktoberfest in Longyearbyen was opened with a little procession. The hard nights of drinking overpriced … Continue reading


We entered Isfjord just in time. Not much later, others were feeding the fishes on the same route. Some success on the quest for photographing old stuff at well-known places in new perspectives. A ship on land, a railway track … Continue reading

Van Mijenfjord

Sometimes, the back of a goose is enough for highest arctic pleasures. Certainly if this goose back is Gåskilen, the western outlier of Midterhuken, this wonderful mountain between Van Mijenfjord and Van Keulenfjord, 300 metres high, with amazing views over … Continue reading

Van Keulenfjord, Recherchefjord

Did it ever snow during this trip? You have to think hard to remember how poor the weather had been just days ago. It is so beautifuly without even the tiniest fault that it is hard to imagine wind and … Continue reading


As soon as someone presses the fairweather button, the world becomes a different one. Blue sky and sun. The low september sun that we had been longing for, now it is suddenly here and casts an amazing light over the … Continue reading


The arctic isn’t a theme park, it is still wild, rough, the real thing. Anyone who didn’t believe it was convinced today. Seemingly endless strong winds and snow showers, taking all the views, turning any walk out on the icy … Continue reading

Isfjord & Krossfjord

(Tuesday-Thursday, 16th-18th September, 2014) – Once we had finally left Adventfjord on Tuesday, the sun broke through the clouds – one of these amazing September-moments. How many times did we sail past Fugefjellet, and every time it is a view … Continue reading


A visit to Pyramiden, the old Russian mining settlement, is always something special. Abandoned in 1998, but the piano is still ok to play. Well, kind of… the ball is still in the field, waiting to be kicked. The old … Continue reading

Polar bear with Svalbardbutikken plastic bag

This snapshot is definitely amongst this summer’s better ones: A polar bear was stalking a camp of students in Billefjord for a while last week, until it was decided to evacuate the camp and let the bear do whatever it … Continue reading

Gruvefjellet & Adventdalen

(13th-15th September 2014) – Early winter rather than golden autumn – also impressive in a way, when arctic nature is showing its forces with cold and strong winds. And when it is raining on top of it all, then it … Continue reading


Shortly we will continue with our travel blog. The next tour starts on 15 September at which time we will publish daily travel logs again, that is, if the satellite phone plays along regarding transmission of text and pictures. For … Continue reading

Ship of Franklin-expedition found in Northwest Passage

This is the historical discovery of the year in the Arctic – at least: The Canadian government has announced to have found the wreck of one of the two ships of John Franklin’s expedition. John Franklin was out to find … Continue reading

Spitsbergen calendar 2015

The new Spitsbergen calendar 2015 by Rolf Stange is now here, fresh from the printer and it can be ordered from now on. 12 impressions from Spitsbergen: around the island and through the seasons, encounters with wildlife, scenery, light and … Continue reading

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