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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

Der Seitenbetreiber, Autor, Verlagschef und Polar-Guide Rolf Stange schreibt über spannende Themen rund um Spitzbergen und die Arktis.

Freemansund – 15th August 2019

The days are full and time is just flying, sometimes the blog just has to wait. The day yesterday in Freemansund was a bit of a day! Wide-open tundra on Barentsøya. Large valleys with all the magic of the late-summer … Continue reading

Ice – 14th August 2019

According to all available information on weather and ice, today should be our day for the ice. So we started in the morning towards the ice edge south of Nordaustland, where we found all sorts of drift ice after a … Continue reading

Grounded shrimp trawler Northguider: salvaging operation has started

The shrimp trawler Northguider, which ran aground close to Sparreneset on Nordaustland, south of Murchisonfjord, is still sitting on the rocks. The wreck is supposed to be removed. This operation has now begun: several special ships are now on location … Continue reading

Hinlopen Strait – 13th August 2019

Northern Hinlopen turned out to be rather unfriendly today, regarding the weather, so we took off and went south. Alkefjellet was the first place we visited, this huge colony of Brunich’s guillemots that makes everybody just speechless. Gallery – Hinlopen … Continue reading

Nordaustland – 12th August 2019

The lagoon Claravågen on the Hinlopen-coast of Nordaustland is definitely a spot where you can anchor in peace and solitude: the approach uncharted, with shallows here and there, the entrance narrow, with strong tidal currents. Perfect for us on Arctica … Continue reading

Woodfjord-Sorgfjord – 11th August 2019

Small islands look from the distance often as if there was nothing to see. But when you have a chance to get close, then they often turn out to be little jewels of arctic nature. The tundra is rich due … Continue reading

Woodfjord – 10 August 2019

Mushamna is a lovely natural harbour, which must have been made for sailing boats like the Arctica II. We made good use of the sheltered anchorage for a couple of calm hours during the night, and then we went for … Continue reading

Raudfjord – 09 August 2019

Raudfjord is one of Spitsbergen’s most beautiful fjords. Steep mountain cliffs and many glaciers on one side, less steep mountains and no glaciers at sea level on the other side. We devoted the morning to the rugged west coast of … Continue reading

Northwest Spitsbergen – 08 August 2019

After the calm northwards passage to the north, interrupted by a late evening visit to a bird cliff on the west coast, we had a calm night at anchor in Magdalenefjord (here a small PanoTour). This stunningly beautiful fjord is … Continue reading

Kongsfjord-Krossfjord – 07 August 2019

After a lovely, calm and sunny night in the harbour of Ny-Ålesund, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the airship mast where the famous airships Norge and Italia took of for their famous north pole flights in … Continue reading

Aavatsmarkbreen – Ny-Ålesund – 06. August 2019

We keep moving north in Forlandsund and go ashore to make a hike to a huge glacier called Aavatsmarkbreen. Here we find ourselves in a barren ice-age landscape with many polar bear tracks in the sand, pieces of glacier ice … Continue reading

Trygghamna-Poolepynten – 05 August 2019

The sun wakes us up after a calm night at anchor. We are surrounded by glaciers and high, rugged mountains. One of the mountains is less high and rugged than the other ones. Knuvlen, as it is called, is actually … Continue reading

Longyearbyen-Bohemanneset – 04 August 2019

And again: welcome on board, we’ll hoist the sails again and set course for Spitsbergen! This time, on the smaller, beautiful yacht Arctica II, a real expedition boat, strong and sturdy. As soon as we have got everything done, we … Continue reading

Spitsbergen kitchen slats available again

The Spitsbergen kitchen slats are available again: a small number of all kinds has found its way from the workshop in Longyearbyen to the spitsbergen-svalbard.com shipping department near the Baltic Sea coast in Germany. Spitsbergen kitchen slats from Longyearbyen, in … Continue reading

Spitsbergen summer: summer weather, tourists, champagne glass, pride parade, new panoramas, Antigua tour photos & triplog

The summer is currently going calmy in Spitsbergen, mostly. Which is a good thing. The heat wave that seems to numb large parts of central Europe these days is not much of an issue in Spitsbergen. It is warm up … Continue reading

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