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Readers’ comments

And what do readers think about »Spitsbergen-Svalbard«?

»Both of us love it!
And let us know what you think about it!«

»Got your book - thanks - and wow, what an impressive piece of work! I look forward to using it, referring to it, learning from it!!!«A well seasoned Expedition Leader from Denmark
»Jeg er virkelig imponeret over den, må jeg sige. Kanon stort og flot arbejde!! Jeg er ikke i tvivl om, at jeg kommer til at bruge den hver eneste dag hele sæsonen igennem!«
(»I have to say, I am really impressed with it. Big and great work! I do not have any doubt that I will use it every day throughout the season!«)
Another seasoned Expedition Leader from Denmark
»Thank you for the book and CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is really nice. Seriously I felt like I was holding a winner in my hands! ... And also I am very impressed by the amount of work that is behind and the true dedication.«An equally seasoned Expedition Leader from France
»Rolf, I really appreciated your book on board and I was not the only one!!! Your book helped us a lot and in many ways !! I was so happy to have it with me. Thanx !!!«A French lecturer on board an expedition ship in Spitsbergen
»Hello Rolf,
I got your book this week...
I love it !!!«
An Italian lecturer on board an expedition cruise ship in Spitsbergen
»¡impressive!«This one is from Spain. Short and to the point.
»Dear Rolf, most impressed by your books.«Sweden this time. A polar researcher and expedition leader who started travelling the Arctic well before I was born.
»Hi Rolf, your book is excellent and certainly is the 1st class one for Svalbard. Congratulation on doing an excellent edition. All of the EL's I have been working with here in the Arctic have been using your book constantly for reference and information.«A hotel manager on board one of the expedition ships in Svalbard waters
»We both love your book!! A lot of information, I do not read in it as a novel but now and then when my homesickness (to Spitsbergen) starts....It can really bring me back there; just like you want the reader to do; as you write in the first page; THANK YOU!!«Two enthusiastic passengers on board Noorderlicht in Spitsbergen in 2008


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