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Lectures and presentations

Arctic Norway: Spitsbergen, Bear Island, Jan Mayen

I started as a guide/lecturer on small, ice-strengthened expedition ships in the Arctic and soon also in the Antarctic in 2000. Giving lectures and presentations has always been a natural and regular part of that and I always enjoy sharing my knowledge or just to tell stories. I offer lectures within a wide variety of subjects, starting with geology and geography which are my primary fields of knowledge and then on to history, wildlife and finally northern lights, photography or my own travels and expeditions – in German, English and occasionally in Norwegian, depending on the opportunity.

Rolf Stange, Vorträge

Lecturing about geology in Spitsbergen, on board the sailing ship Antigua.
Photo © Alexander Lembke.

Lectures and presentations in terrestrial habitats

That is: not on ships 🙂 yes, I do that as well. Mainly in Germany, occasionally elsewhere. Photography has always been one of my passions and during my extensive polar travels, I get plenty of great opportunities to get some amazing images. It is natural for me to present my second home, the Arctic, or the Antarctic in presentations.

Lectures and presentations on request

I offer lectures on request including special subjects such as the wildlife or birds of the Arctic (or Antarctic) or about certain areas and I have had the opportunity to give presentations for specialised tour operators, in institutions including adult education centres and schools – once even in a kindergarten, which was a lovely experience both for the children and for me – in natural history museums or for environmental organisations. Geology, the birds of the Arctic or Antarctic, certain areas like Spitsbergen or Jan Mayen … I have a wide range of knowledge and experience and several big hard-drives with photo material from a lot of stunning places. If you interested, just get in touch and we will make an arrangement that fits your needs.

Rolf Stange, presentations

At work out there in the Arctic, securing material for presentations. Photo © Marion Hanika.

Lecture “Arctic Norway: Spitsbergen, Bear Island, Jan Mayen”


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Trailer Lecture “Arctic Norway: Spitsbergen, Bear Island, Jan Mayen”

I enjoy giving my lecture “Arctic Norway” about Norway’s arctic islands of Spitsbergen, Bear Island and Jan Mayen. Every year I do a couple of dates in Germany (and in German) … if this is of interest, then please switch to the German version of this page. I am happy to do this lecture also in English in request; don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is of interest.

What do you get?

Spitsbergen, Norway’s arctic archipelage between North Cape and North Pole, is well known from media coverage today, but still an unknown kingdom of mystery for most (including many of those who are privileged to have have been there for a trip or two). Only 1000 kilometres from the pole away and more than 60,000 square kilometres large – about the size of West Virginia or three times the size of Wales – most parts of Svalbard, as the Norwegians call the archipelago, are still largely inaccessible. There are as many polar bears as people, and as soon as you leave the settlements behind to hike across the tundra or along the shore, you will see more reindeer or walrus than people.

Ski or snow mobile are perfect means of transportation in the winter, and when the ice has broken up, then we will set sail to discover remote fjords and islands. We meet polar bears and whales, explore remote Bear Island and climb Beerenberg, the volcano on Jan Mayen.

Rolf Stange, expedition leader and lecturer, geographer, writer and photographer, has spent more than 20 years exploring the Arctic and he has made Spitsbergen his second home. In his presentation “Arctic Norway”, he takes you on a trip through the arctic seasons, from the mysteries of polar night and northern lights to the arctic summer under the midnight sun.

The presentation is approximately one hour and 45 minutes long, including a break of 15 minutes. The balanced mixture of photos and videos, good structure, humorous narration and sequences with music in full HD quality and panoramic format (16:9 aspect ratio) makes sure that you will have a fascinating and entertaining evening.

Lecture: Arctic Norway – Spitsbergen, Bear Island, Jan Mayen.
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Rolf Stange, lectures

Rolf Stange during photographic work in Spitsbergen. Watch out, it may be cold!
Photo © Alexander Lembke.

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